What homes are tenants looking for?

What homes are tenants looking for?

56% of the respondents are looking for two bedroom flats, reveals a survey from Cushman & Wakefield carried out by SW Research on a representative sample of the inhabitants of the largest Polish cities.

The survey commissioned by Cushman & Wakefield shows that 18% of the respondents are renting a flat or a house (567 out of 3,078). Two bedroom flats built to a higher standard and with a balcony, a terrace, a garden or nearby green areas are a clear leader – they are favoured by more than half of the respondents.

What homes are tenants looking for?

Definitely two bedroom flats. Over 56% of the respondents currently live in such units and a vast majority find them to be the right size for them. 36% think the properties they are renting are too small. Only a handful of the respondents have admitted that they could live in a flat that is too big. Looking for another home to rent, respondents will largely be searching for two or three bedroom flats: 42% vs 38%. Only 6% would like to live in studio flats.

Most renters of studio flats are under 34 years old. Respondents from this age group are also largely renting three and four bedroom flats or bigger, which may be indicative of co-living.

The survey questionnaire was prepared on the basis of issues raised by residential market experts of Cushman & Wakefield and the survey was carried out using the CAWI method (Computer-Assisted Web Interview) on the users of the online SW Panel between 19-24 March 2021 and 9-20 April 2021. The sample included 3,078 Polish citizens aged 18+ in six cities (Warsaw, Krakow, Poznań, Łódź, Tricity, and Wrocław). Detailed questions were asked to 1,031 respondents who were renting or planning to rent a home; the demographic profile of the sample is in line with that of renters in large cities.


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