Piotr Apollo

Board Chairman, Tauron New Technologies

Currently people that manage companies, more frequently turn their focus on their organization having a broader social context and undertaking initiatives relating to social responsibility of their business. What actions in this respect is your company taking, how are they realized and what does responsible leadership mean to you?

I am managing a company that is one of 30 entities belonging to the mother company TAURON. This is why all operations related to the broad sense of social responsibility in business have to be understood as an initiative of TAURON Polska Energia. This is important for the corporation, which has strategic meaning for the Polish energy market to realize projects beyond the business sphere. We have quite a rich experience, which does not mean that we rely on laurels and fall back on reminding people of our past success. That’s right, on a daily basis we are busy dealing with challenging tasks related to ensuring energy security, but we also recognize tasks in the public realm, with which we are able to deal with quite easily. TAURON Foundation encourages young talents, is concerned with education, finances little leagues, offers schools with didactic assistance, funds scholarships, helps small communities. These actions are meant to fight social exclusion or solidify identities of local communities. This year for example, we funded four fully equipped school science labs. In sporting disciplines we are currently at the highest national and international levels in competition. On the flip side is our involvement in junior and amateur sports, we actively support those as well.  

More and more investors, financial institutions choose organizations that function with ESG protocols as their business partners. Do you think this is right? In what manner does the company you manage go outside of the business as usual model? What does it do for the climate, local communities, diversity and what would you like to implement in the near future?

I am very interested in observing how the concept of ESG is growing in Poland, because it contradicts the traditional view of aggressive capitalism, which from earning profits only benefits itself. Thanks to ESG we are getting closer to the concept of “have and be”. I think that sooner or later managing a company whilst not following ESG protocol will become very difficult, if not entirely impossible. Just take a look at how increasingly conscious consumers are when it comes to purchasing products, they check the country of origin, were there any laws violated, did the money I spent end up in a country run by a regime. In recent years we have become very conscious consumers for whom price and quality are no longer the only deciding factors. We research who is behind the newest smartphone, shirt or a wooden toy, what is the set of values they believe in. I can proudly say I am satisfied that for years now TAURON Group has been realizing their business goals leaning on actions that are guided by the sustainable growth strategy. This is in our mission statement – we take care about the client, care about the planet, and we choose TAURON’s Green Payback. Please take note of the accelerated pace at which we are moving towards the green energy principle. By 2025 the combined power output from Renewable Energy Sources at TAURON will be 1,6 GW. 5 years later, by 2030 that energy output will be 3,7 GW. Thanks to this approach, in the year 2050  our Group will achieve climate neutrality. This will also be possible with the help of innovation – implementing power storage technology, for example in pumped storage power plants, production and usage and management of green hydrogen or reaching the capability to implement atomic technology.

A good example of socially responsible actions is the expansion of our electric cars charging stations. It is no secret that with this type of service you currently cannot make any money. The expenses that go along with building these charging stations will bring a return on investment over a few years, that is if the balance reaches zero. This does not intimidate us, because we are aware that without difficult decisions, sometimes not very cost effective, we will not make the switch to electromobility in a proper manner. Everything points towards the electric revolution in the field of motorization as being irreversible. If we sleep through the transitional phase, we will awake not ready in a time when diesel engine cars will have a classic car status or be an exhibit in a museum.

The world needs smart and quality leaders that want to positively affect their environment. Was there ever a time where you started looking for a deeper sense of your work, ability to do something good for your community or country? What were you able to realize?

One of my biggest passions is chess. I even managed to win the title of Polish Entrepreneurial Champion in this discipline. I think that chess is excellent for training the mind, it teaches to plan ahead, a certain kind of discipline and looking into the future. I owe a lot to chess. I did once ask myself the question – what can I give to the people around me? I decided it would be chess. At one of the Czestochowa parishes I got to use a small hall, to which I invited the local children – I teach them this royal game. I do not look at them as the future grandmasters, rather as members of the workforce, who thanks to analytical thinking will have the predispositions to achieve success in many walks of life.

It is safe for me to assume  that my biggest capital in the company is hired specialists. Although the satisfaction and commitment of the team depend directly on their leader’s approach. Which is why I try to first of all work with people on the basis of the highest ethical and moral standards, respect and openness to ideas and workers initiatives. In my personal opinion this approach in the long perspective determines the reachability of the set goals.

Piotr Apollo

Manager, auditor and economist. Graduate from Jagiellonian University, The Krakow University of Economics, The University College of Enterprise and Administration in Lublin. Possesses rich experience in managing companies in the field of strategic infrastructure investments, energy, finances, trade and logistics. Responsible for coordinating large scale marketing, business projects and organizing international sporting events. Since 2016 he is involved with TAURON Polska Energia group. Currently he holds the position of Chairman of the Board at TAURON Nowe Technologie.

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