A responsible consumer is an aware consumer

A responsible consumer is an aware consumer

Responsible consumption is a very important element of sustainable development. In order to release the self-propelling wheel of supply and demand on the one hand we need top-down acts – related to legislation, company practices and their business models, and on the other – groundwork with the needs and habits of consumers.

Each of us votes with one’s wallet. By spending money we give companies a signal about what and how we want to be offered. The more and more visible “zero waste” movements, reduction of meat consumption, popularity of upcycling and sharing economy are very much appreciated.

However, this type of activities are still of a niche. To change it – it is necessary to increase the awareness of the impact of consumerism on the local and global environment, and thus – on issues of commercial and social relations in the countries of the Global South and the global climate crisis.

The Good Development Foundation promotes sustainable development in various areas. In recent months, it has focused its activities mainly on responsible consumption. It ran numerous “zero waste” workshops, during which it approximated the scale of human influence on the world around us and showed what each of us can do to contribute to stopping, among others, irreversible climate change. Changing even small habits, which are repeated many times, can have an impact on – for example – generating less waste. It is also a good practice and inspiration for others.

The Foundation also conducts international trainings for people working with youth. During one-and-a-half week trainings we work with participants on topics related to sustainable development. The last training of this type was entirely dedicated to the topic of responsible consumption and the effective spreading this matter among young people – both interested in the subject and skeptical about it.

We deeply believe that positive inspiration and spreading knowledge is the most important step towards changing consumption habits and saving our world.


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Last Updated on March 31, 2021 by Karolina Ampulska