Allegro introduces sustainable packaging

  • Allegro makes a further step towards sustainable development by introducing eco-friendly packaging.
  • To ensure that merchants have access to certified products at very attractive prices, the platform will sell it at cost.
  • Allegro is aiming at 2.5 million shipped  in eco-friendly packaging monthly by 2022.
  • The Allegro Official Store introduces process changes to make  packaging process more sustainable.

According to a report entitled Green Generation 2021 by Mobile Institute*, as many as 38% of customers say they pay attention to whether their online shopping comes in eco-friendly packaging, an option for which one in three customers is even willing to pay extra. This shows that we become more and more conscious as consumers every year. As a company committed to environmental awareness projects for more than 21 years, Allegro has now decided to meet customer expectations and introduce changes to its Official Store.

“In March, 78.5% of Polish Internet users visited Allegro sites**. We offer a marketplace for 128,000 entrepreneurs and 13 million regular customers. Together, we are positioned to significantly reducing waste and improving the quality of parcel packaging materials. We are launching a campaign to encourage, educate and support sellers and customers so that they choose eco-friendly packaging,” says Marta Mikliszańska, Head of Public Affairs & Sustainability at Allegro.

Allegro sets an example…

The platform is working to have all products shipped through the Allegro Official Store packaged using sustainable cardboard, paper filler and tape.The packaging used by Allegro has international certificates that confirm that the raw materials used for their production come from recycling, have been obtained in a sustainable manner throughout the entire chain and are suitable for recycling.

“Allegro customers are increasingly paying attention to how their orders are packaged. The environmental aspect appears in the comments posted after the purchase and becomes a way for sellers to gain a competitive advantage.  To meet customers’ expectations and help sellers, especially small and medium businesses, to increase the attractiveness of their offers, we are introducing eco-friendly packaging. That way, sellers will gain access to great quality materials at very competitive prices,””says Łukasz Szczepański, Allegro DEX Director.

Caring for the environment is one of the priorities in the logistics solutions implemented by Allegro. Already in 2021, the platform will introduce innovative solutions that will shorten the delivery time and offer a stronger alternative to high-emission courier delivery. Sellers will benefit from the new logistics service, which includes storing, packing and shipping goods in sustainable packaging, while buyers will enjoy Allegro’s modern and eco-friendly automated parcel machines.

…offers ready-made solutions…

Allegro has a goal for at least 2.5 million parcels ordered on the platform every month to be shipped in easily recyclable packaging by 2022. To support sellers, the platform leverages economies of scale. By ordering packaging and packaging materials in large volumes, Allegro can offer merchants very attractive prices. Crucially, the platform will sell them at cost. To learn more, visit the campaign website at

 …and educates.

To engage customers and sellers in changing their habits, Allegro raises environmental awareness and gives practical tips. Its e-learning platform Akademia Allegro offers free courses on zero-waste packaging and a variety of other subjects. The platform also plans to conduct a campaign to help sellers overcome challenges involving eco-friendly protective packaging.

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