Can an NGO support businesses? Definitely YES!

Can an NGO support businesses? Definitely YES!

Are you wondering what gift to give your employees, contractors or business partners this year? UNICEF Poland suggests: give the “Inspired Gifts”.

“Inspired Gifts” is the UNICEF Poland programme, under which the necessary humanitarian products are delivered to children and families affected by armed conflicts or natural disasters. All thanks to the donors who, through their contributions, oblige the organization to deliver selected products to those most in need. UNICEF Poland has a wide range of humanitarian products: from water containers, first aid kits, through mosquito nets, educational materials and footballs.

Our programme is a ready CSR solution for any business. It is perfect for the holiday season and for various special occasions. Instead of buying hundreds of gifts for their business partners, together with a selected group of partners firms can make a donation for the “Inspired Gifts”. Everyone benefits from such solution: customers, contractors or employees receive a thank you certificate, and the children in need – the necessary help. It is an alternative to traditional business gifts, which may not always be suitable for the partners. “Inspired Gifts” will certainly bring back positive associations with the company, and will not be just another useless gift. Our programme has already been implemented by companies such as 4KRAFT sp. z o.o., Mikomax Smart Office or Deloitte Foundation. We are ready to immediately tailor the programme to the needs of any business. Poles have been supporting the programme for 10 years. During this time, UNICEF has delivered products worth over four million PLN!

The support mechanism for the “Inspired Gifts” programme is simple. Each donor (be it an individual or a company) personally selects the specific product they wish to give. This is done via the website The donor then donates to UNICEF and the organization is committed to delivering the product to where it is most needed. After making the payment, the donor, as a thank you, receives an e-mail with a special certificate of the “Inspired Gifts” programme. You can leave the certificate for yourself or give it as a gift.

“Inspired Gifts” are always the right gifts. These are real products that save the health and life of children, and the donor feels the joy of helping!



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