Gen Zers count on development and good atmosphere

Almost 70% of Gen Zers dream of a good atmosphere at work and being able to hone their skills, reveals Gen Z: A Workplace of the Leaders of the Future, a report from global real estate services firmCushman & Wakefield.

The dream workplace is defined by Generation Z as a space where they can gain more experience and develop new skills. Nearly 70% of the survey respondents reported such expectations. Another key factor to Gen Z was good atmosphere at work which was important to 64% of the respondents.
Gen Zers also want to feel independent and to be able to choose where and when they work.

“Members of Generation Z are not familiar with a pre-internet world. This means that they consume life and the world online and rely on technologies to maintain relationships. They also have, however, an unfulfilled desire for conversations, building genuine and non-fake relationships, experiences and learning in the offline realm. Research shows that they are pragmatic, rational and aware of their needs. As they enjoy social fulfilment online, at work they want to have clear targets set by competent and professional superiors, to work for their individual success and to fulfil their professional aspirations in an environment that promotes a good quality of life and longevity,”says Joanna Malinowska-Parzydło, Executive Partner atYounicorn, HR Influencers Think Tank.

Cushman & Wakefield’s report also shows that Gen Zers tend to have little need to participate in workplace creation and design. Just under 20% of respondents would like to have a possibility of doing some physical exercise at work. Gen Zers also reported limited interest in having workplaces
that promote being green.

“An office built to meet the needs of Generation Z should reflect the organisational culture which offers high quality, is based on trust and mutual respect and where the possibility of daily interaction with colleagues and competent superiors is the greatest benefit and incentive to
work,”says Anna Trochim, Country HR Manager, Cushman & Wakefield.

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