PGNiG makes a “green turn”

The PGNiG’s commitment to achieve climate goals will be based on the updated strategy, which will be presented by the end of the year. Within this framework investments in RES, hydrogen and biomethane will also become a vital part of this strategic approach. The company’s traditional product portfolio and clean energy production are connected. They mutually stabilize each other in terms of operational and business activities in order to fulfil our main purpose – building the company’s value and securing continuity in energy supplies to the Clients.

In the RES segment we will focus on PV. The estimated value of the expenditures in this sector equals approximately 4 billion PLN in a few coming years. As a result of the investments, we will be able to achieve capacity of 900 MW. We will support existing projects and build our own development competences. On the Group’s premises we want to implement PV installations with a total capacity of 20 MW.

Taking advantage of our traditional business focus, we want to specialize in the transmission and storage of hydrogen. In our branch in Odolanów we are currently analyzing the proportions in which hydrogen can be mixed with natural gas, and then safely stored and distributed. PGNiG’s hydrogen research program also includes building a hydrogen  refueling station and exploring possibilities of using the fuel in transport on a larger scale. We are developing this project in cooperation with our partner – Toyota company.

In PGNiG we also promote activities for low-carbon emission internally. The Energy Efficiency Improvement Program is being carried out in our company for several months. Program focuses, among others, on optimizing the energy management in our facilities. In the future we will also be able to offer energy efficiency solutions to our Clients.

The shift towards green energy sources will undoubtedly be a key element in the development of PGNiG Group and other companies from the energy and fuel sector in the upcoming years. Together it will be easier to conduct the energy transformation of our economy.


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Last Updated on January 25, 2021 by Karolina Ampulska