The photovoltaic revolution – COMFORT Home from FOTON Technik

COMFORT Home is a revolutionary solution that provides the Client with even more benefits from the use of solar energy. It is an ecosystem of products in the scope of which the company will offer the solutions to its customers increasing their comfort of living. FOTON Technik, innogy Group, is addressing its new offer not only to people who want to build a new house but above all to the owners of existing houses who want to modernise them.

Photovoltaics is becoming more and more common part of everyday life of thousands of Poles. Today a solar power plant is no longer associated with free electricity only. It is also a solution that gives every owner of the house an opportunity to be independent in terms of energy and heating. FOTON Technik prepared a comprehensive solution to use all possibilities associated with free energy. The placing of COMFORT Home on the market is possible due to many years of experience of the company and support of the innogy Group.

COMFORT Home means convenience and savings!

The concept consists of customised products and is divided into four categories:

  • Energy – itis the basis of the ecosystem. It is the photovoltaic system that powers the house and electrical equipment in its surroundings. We enable our Customers to use prosumer settlements and support programmes.
  • Balance -these are heat pumps that use the energy generated by the photovoltaic system and allow the house to be heated in winter and cooled in summer. They also heat the running water. The equipment in the FOTON Technik offer was designed in Poland and is compatible with the photovoltaic system.
  • Independence – today it is an energy storage that not only stores the unused energy but also protects the owner of the house from unexpected blackouts. A battery stores energy that can be used in the event of a temporary lack of access to the power grid or it can improve the use of energy produced by a photovoltaic system for own use.
  • Synergy – it isthe culmination of the offer. It will be a dedicated FOTON Home application which we will launch at the beginning of 2021. Due to it, FOTON Technik Customers will be able to manage the whole ecosystem of COMFORT Home and smart home equipment from their phones.

COMFORT Home means self-sufficiency as well as energy and heat supply security for the house. It is a combination of clean energy, heat and state-of-the-art technical achievements. The concept is constantly being extended to include further elements in order to meet the needs of the Customers to a greater extent.

– We believe that COMFORT Home is the future of every house. Poland and Europe have a clear path for using low-carbon energy sources and we are not only talking here about electric energy but also about heat energy. The offer of COMFORT Home is an easy way to have an ecological and economical house. Poles quickly understood what environmental awareness and the convenience of low bills are. The photovoltaics with a heat pump and energy storage creates a comprehensive solution for the house. Hence the idea of services and products tailored to the photovoltaic system. Our COMFORT Home solution also involves a package of COMFORT Care services due to which our Customer gains safety and warranty for products and system workmanship – says Michał Skorupa, President of the Management Board of FOTON Technik, innogy Group.

COMFORT Care – quality guarantee for years

COMFORT Home by FOTON Technik was extended by a package of COMFORT Care services in the scope of which the Customers can additionally purchase a 10-year equipment warranty, 5-year productivity and workmanship warranty and insurance. In case of a heat pump, it is a 5-year warranty with services provided at the installation price.

Ambassador of FOTON Technik – Anna Nowak-Ibisz

Anna Nowak-Ibisz, who became the company’s ambassador, joins the group of FOTON Technik Customers. In the scope of cooperation, she will review and describe the benefits of using COMFORT Home on an ongoing basis.

– This concept fits very well with who I am. I am self-sufficient and independent. I like comfort very much. I had very little of it before, fighting with the house my parents built in the ‘90s. I would like to stay in this house for many years despite the very high bills. The combination of photovoltaic and house heating systems is something I’m really interested in. I can’t wait to test this solution, especially when I know that it is associated with environmental protection – says Anna Nowak-Ibisz, Ambassador of FOTON Technik, innogy Group.

Benefits and ecology

Due to COMFORT Home, every house can become an independent and zero-emission house in 100%. Every house can also become free of electricity and heating bills. Currently, less than 10% of single-family buildings in Poland have rooftop photovoltaic systems. Due to these precursors of an ecological lifestyle, Poland will reduce its CO2 emission to the atmosphere by over 2 million tonnes a year. This shows that individual Customers today have a huge impact on the environment. With a heat pump and energy storage, everyone can achieve energy neutrality. FOTON Technik also takes care of the environment by using a fleet of hybrid cars and implementing electronic document workflow.


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