Bank Millennium appreciated again for supporting culture during the pandemic

For the sixth time now Bank Millennium was hailed Dźwigacz Kultury (Uplifter of Culture) by Kraków Festival Bureau for sponsoring the Sacrum Profanum festival. This is yet another award this year for the bank for supporting cultural events.

Bank Millennium received the award from Krakowskie Biuro Festiwalowe for the sixth time in a row. Dźwigacz Kultury is a symbol of gratitude from KBF to all sponsors, supporters and partners for the year-long work, which they contribute to culture events created together with the Bureau.

– We have been supporting the Sacrum Profanum Festival non-stop since as early as 2012. It could not have been otherwise last year – a difficult one for all of us. Supporting cultural activity during the pandemic seems to us to be particularly important. We are extremely pleased that our commitment is appreciated. Cooperation with KBF on last year’s edition of the festival, when the event went online, showed that together we can face-up to challenges and pave new roads regardless of the circumstances – said Iwona Jarzębska, Director of the Public Relations Department of Bank Millennium.

Kraków Festival Bureau has been thus awarding partners and sponsors for 9 years now.

– In private life and in business alike it makes sense to invest time and energy in long-term relationships. Such an investment always gives a double return: first of all it is a guarantee of building strong partnership, which the organisations we work for every day as well as our teams, can draw from. Secondly it is simply efficient and cost effective from a financial standpoint. Our reputations stands to gain, and thanks to the experience to-date as well as knowledge of the values, which we follow every day, we arrive faster at activities to satisfy both parties – says Izabela Błaszczyk, KBF Director. It is based on such principles that we have been cooperating with Bank Millennium for years. We have perfect understanding of our needs and we know that we can rely on each other, for which I thank you on behalf of the KBF team as well as the beneficiaries of our projects – Director Błaszczyk added.

All winners of this year’s awards received the Dźwigacz Kultury graphics made by Patrycja Podkościelny. The project depics a female giant reaching above a city, carrying a cloud. Uplifting the sphere of culture in 2020, the year of the covid-19 pandemic, was a formidable challenge. – The previous reality was changed almost completely. This is why this illustration features the symbolic lifting of a cloud, which as a rule being light and volatile, has now become heavy and massive. The time of day is deliberately ambiguous. Regardless of it we were forced to take the better part of life into the fur walls of our homes, hence the lights burning in the windows – the author explains.

This is further recognition of Bank Millennium this year for sponsoring culture. In this year’s edition of the Golden Banker plebiscite, Millennium Docs Against Gravity documentary films festival, supported since 15 years by Bank Millennium, together with last year’s Docs Against Isolation event, won popular online recognition, coming second on the podium in the “Socially sensitive bank” category.

Bank Millennium has been supporting art in all its forms for more than 30 years, reaching out to niche and popular culture, national as well as local in outreach. It focuses on long-term cooperation based on partnership.

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