Good practices of Bank Millennium in the Responsible Business Forum report

Good practices of Bank Millennium in the Responsible Business Forum report

Already 27 actions launched by Millennium Bank for the society and natural environment have been appreciated in the “Responsible Business in Poland” reports published by the Responsible Business Forum (FOB). From among the actions implemented in 2020 the following were distinguished: Providing funding for the first Polish COVID-19 test, Setting up the COVID-19 Infection Support Fund for Employees, programmes #zostanwdomu (stay at home) and online Financial education for pre-schoolers and their parents.

– 2020 demonstrated how material the business philosophy, with simultaneous attention to issues of ethics, caring for clients, employees, the local community and the environment, is. Among other reasons, this is why we have been consistently implementing our charity programmes. Bank Millennium Foundation and the Bank provided financial support to the Polish Academy of Sciences Institute of Bio-organic Chemistry, which had developed the first Polish COVID-19 test, and in case of a COVID-19 infection, the need for coverage of costs of treatment and rehabilitation, we set up Special Support Fund for the Employees – said Joao Bras Jorge, Chairman of Bank Millennium.

The report published by the Responsible Business Forum is the largest CSR and sustainable development review in Poland which confirms huge mobilisation and involvement of companies in the fight against the pandemic. This year’s edition contains 1958 examples of good practices that were announced by 225 firms. The total of almost 2000 CSR actions is made of two groups of practices. The first of them are new practices entered to the report for the first time – there were 1013 such practices. The second group are long-term practices, present in the previous editions, but implemented last year – 945.

– The health crisis made us realise even more how important financial education is and therefore we continued our educational programme “Financial ABCs”, however in a changed formula. When COVID-19 started, we decided to prepare a remote project format, including production of modern online educational materials. Four printed episodes of “Financial ABCs” were shown on the Foundation’s YouTube channel in the form of funny animated videos for children. In cooperation with Małgorzata Chojak Ph.D., mother of three and a research and teaching staff member of Maria Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin, a “Guidebook for Parents – How to teach your kids about finance” – on pre-schoolers financial education, was developed and published online on the Foundation’s website. We also prepared a series of video interviews on subjects related to giving financial education to kids of preschool age – added Iwona Jarzębska, Chairwoman of the Bank Millennium Foundation.


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