Nordkalk remains the leader of social economics in Poland.

Nordkalk remains the leader of social economics in Poland.

​Nordkalk in Poland has received the honorable title of Social Economy Leader. This is the most important award for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities in the Świętokrzyskie region where the Miedzianka plant is located. The competition is organized by the Marshal’s Office of the Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship, and the awards are granted for special activities for the benefit of the social economy, sustainable development, social responsibility and counteracting social exclusion.

The prizes in the competition are awarded by local authorities as part of the “Świętokrzyska Social Economy” project. The initiative is addressed to local governments, businesses and social economy organisations.
The aim of the competition is to promote pro-social attitudes and cooperation of various entities – from local governments, to institutions, to private businesses. The competition is also about developing effective solutions to support social inclusion by promoting the idea of social responsibility.

In the “PRO-SOCIAL BUSINESS” category, on  27 September, the award was received by Nordkalk, which has two mines and two limestone processing plants in the community . – It is a special honor for us. For years, we have been conducting a number of activities, the common denominator of which are the values of sustainable development, helping the inhabitants of the towns around the plants, cooperation and building dialogue.


“I am very glad that our initiatives have been noticed and are appreciated by the local government. – Among our most important activities is the Social Dialogue project, which we started in 2019. It aims to build effective two-way communication with the local residents. As part of the project, we implement a number of initiatives, such as repairing roads, constructing pavements and gazebos for meetings, renovating wells and bus stops. Requests and ideas come to us through the local community representatives “, says Piotr Maciak, Executive Vice President, Nordkalk Central Europe.

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Nordkalk organises regular Social Dialogue Council sessions locally in the communities. The council is responsible for selecting projects and coordinating the project implementation. Ideas that meet certain conditions are eligible for implementation. They must relate to at least one of Nordkalk’s areas of activity: sport, education, infrastructure, environmental protection, culture and social inclusion. At the same time, these projects are community-relevant, long-term in nature and non-profit-making.



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