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The need for capital accumulation in the area of digitisation and Industry 4.0 has been repeatedly emphasised over the past years. Going as far as back in 2017, the results of research conducted by the McKinsey Global Institute indicated that digitisation had a huge impact on the conditions and the manner of working. In late 2019 and early 2020, the reports of European Commission and the World Bank pointed out the need for greater investment in the digital transformation, both in the private and the public sphere. However, it was only the need to face the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic that led to greater emphasis on digitisation and industry 4.0 solutions. According to a recent PWC report, entrepreneurs diversifying their businesses have decided to invest more in “better digital customer experiences and new digital business models.”

In view of these figures, it is not surprising that on 21 July 2020, the EU leaders decided to allocate 750 billion euro to the fight with the crisis caused by the Coronavirus pandemic and 1074.3 billion euro to investments between 2021 and 2027. These measures aim to help mitigate the risk of unemployment, aid the health sector, and sustain the most vulnerable small and medium-sized enterprises. And the main areas of support are to be digital and economic transformation.

There are many systems available on the market that support digitisation in almost every area of a company’s activities. When looking for optimal tools, it is worth consider the supplier’s experience and the quality of implementation of its solutions. It is good to choose a company that is at the same time a developer of software for specific processes—then we are sure of the highest expertise and wide possibilities of using the software for the benefit of the company. In the area of HR and payroll processes, Unit4 Polska is such a company.

One system, multiple solutions

For many years, Unit4 Polska has been promoting digitisation in the field of HR processes by offering a full range of HR and payroll services. It provides the possibility to install the software at the Client’s site—the so-called on-premise software, in the cloud—as a service for the Client, as well as HR and payroll outsourcing, the so-called BPO (or HRO), which gives the Client the range of solutions to choose from, depending on its business goals. The TETA application developed by Unit4 Polska, written specifically for the Polish market, is best suited for large enterprises, in view of very complex legal changes.

By setting new trends in the area of digitisation, Unit4 Polska, in cooperation with Asseco, was the first (and so far the only) company in Poland to introduce in a qualified signature in its system—the one used so far mainly in the employer-state relationship. The implementation of this solution allows for the submission of applications and signing of contract documents via mobile devices and the complete abandonment of paper documents.

The systems offered by Unit4 Polska allow for better cooperation between managers and employees and facilitate employee engagement which is very difficult to measure, especially during remote work. They also provide modern solutions for planning and accounting for working time, taking into account the competences required for different positions.

Digitisation for the benefit of people

Digilisation and Industry 4.0 aim to increase the efficiency and productivity of work and the competitiveness of companies. However, when introducing solutions that will help face the new reality, one needs to remember that it is always people who should primarily benefit from the changes. This is noted by the authors of the Deloitte report, Global Human Capital Trends, or the authors of the article ”Will you define the new normal or watch it unfold?” from Ernst&Young who remind us that the digital transformation is supposed to help people, not replace them. Unit4 Polska has a very similar philosophy of operation, as included in the slogan People Experience. The company offers its solutions operating under the thesis that digitisation and Industry 4.0 should primarily bring to companies the improvement of the employee’s experience in contact with the employer: from recruitment, through onboarding and career development, to a potential termination. Employee experience or rather people experience, basing the growth on the creation of added value for the Client, increasing the effectiveness of operation of the Client’s enterprises, thanks to relieving employees from the most monotonous activities—these are the strategic goals and objectives of Unit4.


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