Record-setting March in goodie cashback

Record-setting March in goodie cashback

In March this year users of goodie cashback made transactions with the highest value in the history of the programme – close to 57,7 mln PLN.

Value of transactions made by goodie cashback users in the 1st quarter of 2021 reached more than 136 mln PLN and over 3,2 mln PLN cashback was accrued on their accounts in goodie. In March 2021 alone the value of cashback accrued was more than 1,3 mln PLN, which means an increase of close to three times vs. March 2020.

We are very happy at the continuously growing number and activity of goodie cashback programme users. In Q1 the programme was used by twice as many users as in the same period of last year. More and more people find out how easily savings may be attained during daily online shopping and how synergies may be generated by combining deals discounts offered by online shops with a refund of part of the money spent, thanks to goodie cashback. We actively promote the cashback service, reaching out to a broad group of beneficiaries. For instance information about it appeared in Bank Millennium’s latest television commercialWojciech Grudzień, the Chairman of Millennium Goodie, said.

How to join the ranks of goodie cashback savers? Just download the goodie app to your smartphone or visit the www.goodie.pllink opens in a new window website, register with goodie, then select the online shop with the cashback sign, go to the particular shop’s website using the link provided by goodie and finish the purchase. Within one working day from the purchase cashback will appear on the goodie account (from a few to even several dozen per cent of the amount paid for the purchases) with the status “Waiting”. The status will change to “Approved” after the shop has confirmed the transaction was OK. Having collected at least PLN 21, you can transfer it to any bank account in Poland. It is important to note that cashback applies to purchases of products and services for regular and promo prices – it may be combined with other rebates available on the goodie shopping platform, offered by Internet stores covered by the programme and with special discounts specially prepared for goodie users.

The goodie platform Regulations are available on opens in a new window. A description of how goodie cashback works can be found on opens in a new window


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