Our strategic ambition is to become leader of the insurance sector in the field of medicine. Janusz Szulik- President of the Board at TU INTER Poland S.C. and TU INTER-ZYCIE Poland S.C.

Our strategic ambition is to become leader of the insurance sector in the field of medicine. Janusz Szulik- President of the Board at TU INTER Poland S.C. and TU INTER-ZYCIE Poland S.C.

Insurance competition in mind, how does Inter Poland stand out?

Our insurance group consists of two insurance companies – TU INTER Poland S.C. and TU INTER-ZYCIE S.C. which handles life insurance claims. We have the largest, if not, substantial stock in insurance covering health care entitites, doctors, dentists, nurses, obstetricians, paramedics, physiotherapists and all other medical professions. Our strategic ambition is to become leader of the insurance sector in the field of medicine.

Rounding out our medical and wealth insurance as well as for the healthcare sector, which are directed towards groups and individual clients. Our insurance business can best be summarized as: a doctor or other medical personel insured by us in terms of work related medical risks and private insurance needs, along with family (home, flat, travel, legal security, life), diagnoses and treats at their office, which is fully covered; all rooms, all equipment, as long as the patients have a health insurance agreement with us.

I would like make it very clear, not only do we come to an agreement, service the insurance contract, but we educate our clients on their civil responsibility when practicing medicine. This is where we stand out. We realize our cooperation with Medical Chambers, universities and medical academies.

Why the medical branch, which happens to be your main addressee in insurance claims. Why is the focus turned to them?

When we starte 30 years ago we were dealing with medical insurance offers for doctors and dentists, which has direct correlation with fact that doctors and dentists are a substantial client group to our stakeholder, which is Grupa Inter in Mannheim. As time went by, the focus on insurance for the healthcare sector increased and since 2009 become one of our strategic client companies. Currently we are realizing our fifth, three year strategic cycle, 2021-2023, which is an uncompromising continuation of our focus on healthcare. We stabilized our solid position, which we will continue to solidify further.

Is the insurance market a challenging one?

We expect the most out of ourselves, to give our current and future clients the knowledge, which I mentioned earlier, as well as insurance offers tailored to their needs. We want to assure them that they have protected themselves in case of unfortunate events with a insurer they can count on and receive confirmation regarding all dealings at every point during our interaction, regardless whether coming to terms on agreements or unfortunate unexpected events. We have many satisfied clients, who thank us and tell their closest ones about us. They are our ambassadors.

How did the corona virus pandemic affect the insurance industry? Did the uncertainty and risk affiliated with danger to health and life affect the increased sales in insurance policies?

The pandemic changed the insurance market from our point of view in two ways. First of, because the fragility of our life has been exposed which increased interest in adjusting their criteria to their current situation as they see fit, in which direct contact with the client becomes difficult, or plain impossible.

With the current epidemiological situation, which coincide with strong, sometimes extreme social opinions and emotions, healthcare representatives more frequently decide on opting for additional legal security in the form of proper insurance that guarantees satisfaction by potentially paying out in case of a physical attack by a patient? Could you also please tell us something more about the so called „Aggressive Patient Clause”, which is quite unique to the market in the form of legal assurance, allowing medical Staff to protect themselves from negative outcomes of eventual attacks by aggressive patients?

The Aggressive Patient Clause was implemented based on events that we observed on the market even before the pandemic, it was the only clause of its kind on the market. From beginning of the pandemic, in Poland and in other countries, we observed attacks on medical personnel, physically, verbally, written and over the internet on a scale never before seen. According to current data, and this not by any means precisely registered neither in Poland or any other European countries, one of our neighbouring countries claimed that 40% of doctors practicing privately, were victims of verbal or physical assault during the first twelve months of the pandemic. Our Patient Aggression Clause provides protection for people who fell victim to patient aggression while practicing their profession. In the case of physical attacks, we pay out one lump sum of money. In accordance to our regulations, we serve our clients in a comprehensive manner, this clause is offered as a part of our standard packages for medical professions.

I would like to add, our legal security insurance package contains a legal clause stating if personal artefects of the Insured are violated while practicing their profession, name slander or defamation.

How do you see the future of the insurance industry?

In my opinion, thre will be a continously increasing trend of tailor made offers based on rising amount of data collected, which will enable us to better adjust offers to individual needs, those typical and ones thought up – deliberately based on impulses – spur of the moment, changes to legal statutes and others. This personalization will include methods of communication – client interactions with insurance firms. Desire to downgrade from a big, but unsure damage claim in case of an accident, to a smaller but sure – insurance payout will for sure be a part of future, but that’s the idea of insurance.

What is your professional goal, point in your career for which you strive, of course within the context of working in the insurance business.

Managing an insurance company is a demanding, multifaceted challenge, which I would like to continue pursuing.

Janusz Szulik- Board Chairman of TU INTER Poland S.C. and TU INTER-ZYCIE Poland S.C.

Graduate from University of Science and Technology in Krakow, completed his managerial post-diploma at University of Economics in Katowice and Collegium of World Economy at Bad Harzburg. Graduate from managerial program Generali Akademie. With the insurance industry he has been affiliated  since 1999. From 1999-2008 worked at Generali Poland, starting as Regional Director, and from 2002-2008 as Sales Director. He started working at TU INTER Poland S.C. in june 2008 as Sales Director then as a Board Member. August of 2011 took on the position of Board Director at TU INTER Poland S.C.  and TU INTER—ZYCIE Poland S.C. At both companies he is responsible for sales, training, marketing and PR as well as internal audits. Awarded the South Silesian Medical Chamber Medal in honor of Jan Mikulicz-Radecki, Honorably Distinguished – Polish Medical Association and Honorably Distinguished with Order of Chamber of Nurses and Midwives, member of I and II terms on Advisory Board of Medical University of Silesia.

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