Jerzy Kufel, founder and CEO at ITEO. Setting the course for digital transformation

Is digital transformation a right fit for every business?

Yes, I can imagine applying software into any business. Today’s technology gives us such expansive possibilities that every sector can benefit from implementing it into its processes. I’m sure that we will be repeatedly surprised by using it in branches and places that wouldn’t even cross our minds. Nevertheless, it’s worth remembering that the process itself doesn’t start with choosing the most modern technology, but establishing our goals, capabilities, and gains. A good example of digital transformation are all the alterations that took place in the automotive sector. To simplify the process of purchasing a car, showrooms provide their clients with advanced online services, leaving the repeatable and time consuming tasks for AI based voicebots. It allows an adviser to focus on the customers and speeds up all the formalities, making the process more efficient. I appreciate such conveniences being both a client and an IT branch entrepreneur.

How does it all correspond with the pandemic situation? Are there any businesses that paradoxically gathered speed?

Every crisis carries opportunities as well as threats, and critical times are said to build the largest fortunes. Many companies handled the difficult times of pandemic extremely well. I’m especially pleased with the behaviour of Polish entrepreneurs who opened up for innovation and solutions that wouldn’t even come to their mind earlier. A special recognition belongs to the InPost company – our long-standing client that changed people’s approach to sending and receiving packages. It made the post office queues a thing of the past – the parcels can be collected safely with contactless locker opening, and the whole process became more ecological. The company adjusted itself perfectly to both the new normal and a remarkably important trend of environment care.

What are the essential goals set for modern technologies?

To serve people – I think this is and will be the greatest challenge for the companies that provide technologies. We live in times that require quick, sometimes even risky decisions. And we – IT companies – possess tools that can change the future. Modern technologies become a basis of nearly every organization’s activity. If we use them properly, they will work in our favour. But if we won’t meet the market’s demands and conditions, we’ll disappear in the crowd of similar businesses. Our actions will soon be verified and it can result in a hard fall or a smooth landing. It all depends on the decisions made at the very beginning of the digitization process.

How does your company contribute to digital transformation?

We always work along with our clients and for their benefit, supporting every step of their digital transformation. We understand that such alterations are not easy and require a lot of engagement in terms of time, resources, and money. That’s why we always do our best to turn our knowledge and experience into a client’s success. Applications enter the more and more varied areas and the market of modern technologies can change overnight. Our obligation is to follow all the changes and introduce them to our operations. Working with both startups and large corporations allows us to use our experience in every case. Large companies gain from our fresh perspective and agile work methods, and startups from our neatness and stability of cooperation. We often build bridges between the worlds of corporations and startups, too. Our goal is to make the technology something more than a row of confusing digits. We translate it into a human language.

Last Updated on December 15, 2020 by Łukasz