Technology and digitization – Interview with Prof. dr hab. inż. Zbigniew Kledyński, President of the Polish Chamber of Civil Engineers

Technology and digitization – Interview with Prof. dr hab. inż. Zbigniew Kledyński, President of the Polish Chamber of Civil Engineers

What is the direction of development of the technologies related to civil engineering?

The main sources of progress in the construction industry are still innovative material solutions. Many technologies are associated with the use of these materials and grow together with them. There is still great potential for development in improving the organization of construction processes, which should be supported by the digitization of design and execution processes. In this context, we should develop BIM with an emphasis on its process-related and financial aspects.

In January this year new regulations came into force, enabling the preparation of construction projects and submission of applications in the construction process in an electronic version. Digitization is being implemented in stages. How does the Chamber (PIIB) support its members in using these solutions?

As engineers, we are most interested in the technical aspects of digitization, primarily BIM. At PIIB we have developed a strategy for our actions in this matter, we have appointed a competent BIM Committee, we issue numerous publications in this field, we also try to observe and actively approach non-chamber initiatives regarding broadly understood digitization. Among others, we were one of the parties responsible for the final shape of the 3rd edition of the Build 4 Future Construction Economic Forum, which once again organized the Poznań International Fair, this time with a significant emphasis on digitization in construction. Our representatives are actively participating in the works of a team appointed by the Ministry of Economic Development, Labor, and Technology and the General Office of Building Control focused on the digitization of administrative procedures in construction.

We are aware that digitization is constantly changing our work and that this process will intensify in the future. We cannot imagine not being there.

Which country could serve as an example when it comes to modern construction and the implemented technological solutions?

In order to answer this question honestly, one would have to gather a lot of knowledge from around the world, but even then local differences and our current needs for construction know-how would have to be taken into account to identify a leader worth following. I think that, when it comes to our present requirements in this area, we can easily obtain such knowledge (even though it may not be cheap) thanks to the openness and attractiveness of the Polish investment market. It has many different types of companies and consortia, and we can easily import the necessary technologies from around the world. Personally, however, I would like this modernity to be especially visible in the more technically advanced types of construction, the share of Polish technologies used in these areas to increase, and domestic companies and the Polish engineers they employ to become the integrators of the most ambitious tasks.

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