What are the challenges of CF CEFARM SA amid the crisis?

We continuously monitor the market and its dynamics, and we try to adjust to the current situation as far as possible. Economics consists primarily in an in-depth analysis of numbers, so one cannot make important decisions under the influence of momentary emotions or superficial opinions – conclusions must be drawn from facts. Our work culture is based on flexibility and well-though-out reactions to changing reality.

The economic crisis is a natural risk for business and it affects everyone, yet there are different approaches to it. The current slump has an enormous scale and will have a major impact on the financial markets. Our Company expects the year to end with the budgeted outcome. However, sales growth will not be as strong as in the last two years. Restrictions and difficult situations have always been our driver of innovation. I believe that calm and good preparation will allow us to face new challenges.

We are part of the health care system and it is our duty to take care of the patient’s welfare first and foremost. Centrala Farmaceutyczna CEFARM SA has 75 years of experience in the industry, being at the same time the market’s forerunner – thus we have the tools and efficient models of cooperation. However, what distinguishes us is our individual approach to each customer. Long-term, stable business contacts based on trust and honesty are the foundation of our Company.

We believe that our long-term development strategies, although not as dynamic as the short-term ones, are responsible both in terms of business and ethics. Our customers can be confident that the medicines we provide are of full value and are transported and stored according to the highest standards and guidelines. We are aware that even the slightest mistake could cost someone’s health. As a reputable pharmaceutical distributor, we understand that patient care is paramount, so we strive to meet all requirements respectfully and empathetically.

Development has always been our priority. We are currently focusing on optimising logistics processes. In addition to the distribution of pharmaceutical products, we provide a wide range of services in this area, including import, rental of professional warehouse space, handling of clinical trials; we also run warehouses for foreign goods in Warsaw and Radomsko.

I am convinced that our knowledge and experience, trust-based customer relationships and long-term development strategies will be reliable elements of our crisis shield.


Jan Kruk, Chairman of the Board, Centrala Farmaceutyczna CEFARM SA

Last Updated on February 16, 2021 by Karolina Ampulska