Field service management with mobiPLANER

Apator Rector, providing advanced IT systems for the energy sector, develops digital solutions for clients in other industries. An example is the mobiPLANER application, which allows effective field service technician management.

Applications used thus far by energy corporations to manage assets and operations performed on the power grid are ideally suited for businesses from other sectors where there is a need for effective and efficient management of field service technicians.

The global pandemic has accelerated the digitalization of business operations and processes not only in large corporations – but the trend has also affected smaller entities that have recently struggled with increased employee absenteeism caused by Covid-19, as well as staffing problems resulting from employee shortages, especially the availability of technical specialists.

MobiPLANER facilitates everyday work processes and comprehensively supports task workflow within maintenance, installation, assembly and delivery services. The application is used to plan work orders for service teams and supervise employee activity and compliance with the agreed schedule of tasks. It allows you to ensure the timeliness of service work performed periodically or in the time specified in the framework of service level agreements. MobiPLANER will prove useful in many different industries where employees work in the field, e.g. installers and service technicians of various installations, mechanical devices, as well as systems and equipment requiring periodic service and inspections, installers of RES and building installations, suppliers of food products, consumables, and specialized services.

MobiPLANER significantly reduces the time needed to resolve work order tasks thanks to fully electronic communication with the technician’s mobile device, without the need to issue paper service orders – which during a pandemic allows you to reduce unnecessary contacts. The system’s algorithms warn about conflicts associated with personnel and equipment. They support decisions in emergency situations (employee illness or equipment failure), which reduces the risk of unforeseen delays. The electronic service order archive supports and organizes service processes by collecting documents (scans of contracts, photos from completed tasks, notes) from resolved service orders. Each order can be verified by browsing the client’s service history.

In addition to the user-friendly and intuitive application interface, technicians will also appreciate its functionalities that facilitate their daily work, including the ability to register all service activities in one place, effectively plan work time allowing for better results as well as reducing office paperwork. It is essential for service team managers to effectively plan and assign tasks, efficiently reorganize assignments depending on the situation and report on the effectiveness of resolved work orders. MobiPLANER is a convenient tool that will not only streamline work, but also bring real savings in both time and money.


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