From Information to Value Creation with Machine Learning

Machine Learning (ML) is an aspect of Artificial Intelligence (AI) that pragmatically shows where technology can already generate a big advantage and contribute enormously to value creation.

Machine Learning is a set of tools enabling machines to independently build up knowledge from experience. Data must be collected, integrated and analyzed along the entire value chain. Ideally, that should happen on a central business platform  – like the 3DEXPERIENCE platform from Dassault Systèmes – that collates relevant information from all parts of the value chain and provides the appropriate tools for evaluation. Using a platform in the cloud also eliminates the need for time-consuming IT infrastructure installations, which the analysis of large amounts of data usually requires.

The opportunities that ML offers become particularly clear with predictive maintenance. Based on the rules that the machine has acquired, it is able to recognize deviating status messages even before a defect is reported.

Besides topics such as programming languages or algorithms, image and speech recognition are the most important functions of ML. At the shop floor, the imagery analysis helps to detect faulty or incorrectly colored components on assembly lines. The more images of such defective parts have been fed into the system, the more accurate the analyses. In marketing, voice control offers new opportunities for interaction with customers.

ML technology has the potential to enable completely new business models. The evaluation and processing of data creates so-called smart products that draw their “intelligence” from a wealth of experience contained in data. For example, mobility service providers calculate bespoke, optimized travel routes that take into account users’ preferences for specific routes and means of transportation. These business models are moving further and further away from the classic product, focusing instead on providing the user with a positive tailored experience in real time.


Ireneusz Borowski, Country Manager Poland, Dassault Systemes

Last Updated on February 19, 2021 by Karolina Ampulska