M2M technology helps maintain eco-friendly approach

M2M technology helps maintain eco-friendly approach

The use of technological innovations is one of the pillars of safety, for example in the food sector. Inadequate storage and transport conditions can disturb the biological or chemical structure of food, causing – especially in the case of large food and retail companies – huge financial losses. It is worthy mentioning here that the losses related to food waste in the distribution sector reach approx. 20% on a global scale and approx. 5% in European Union countries (report on March 31, 2016 FUSIONS, Estimates of European food waste levels). Monitoring of storage conditions covering all zones in warehouses, production halls and during transport, and thus increased prediction of the condition of products, allows to reduce the amount of food thrown away and wasted.

Blulog solutions are also used in other areas – thanks to the monitoring of environmental parameters such as temperature, humidity or voltage in hospitals, schools and other public institutions, it is easy – and, importantly, automatic and maintenance-free – to analyze and optimize energy consumption. Taking advantage of the benefits of M2M technology may therefore have a real impact on the elimination of factors and situations of excessive energy consumption, which will translate not only into the costs of maintaining buildings, but also into improving the condition of the natural environment.


Daria Roszczyk-Krowicka, Sales and Marketing Director, Blulog

Last Updated on April 15, 2021 by Karolina Ampulska