Remote cooperation only with a trusted business partner

Recent months have put to the test the way of operation of many companies. In the face of the pandemic, they had to implement the safest mode of operation, i.e. remote work. This task was best handled by those for whom remote work is everyday life.

Britenet, with its 14 years of experience in remote collaboration, is an example of such a company. Not only do we carry out projects in the six competence centers located in our country, but also remotely and at our clients’ offices. We can guarantee high quality and efficiency of operations regardless of the place of service provision. The key matters for us are clearly defined objectives, verification of the degree of implementation of tasks and their effects, taking care of communication in project teams, independence, and building responsibility. We have proven that in the pandemic era, we can efficiently manage processes and take care of the motivation of our employees, who approach the implementation of tasks responsibly and professionally, regardless of where they work.

We have been trusted by over 100 Polish and international brands representing many industries, such as finance, banking, education, energy, automotive, and insurance. We carry out projects in almost 50 technologies and support our clients by outsourcing IT experts, creating IT systems, supporting and maintaining existing systems, developing applications and mobile devices, as well as Business Intelligence and Salesforce solutions. Not only do we care about quality but also about security. Regarding the fact that we develop and maintain software at many public institutions, we have passed many audits. Thanks to this, we have reliable references, which guarantee the quality and security of software produced for our clients. We ensure that all the hardware, network, and systems are secure.

We are convinced that remote work can be as safe and effective as working on site. The most important thing is to choose an experienced business partner whom you can trust.


Tomasz Dziki, Executive VP & Owner

Last Updated on February 23, 2021 by Karolina Ampulska