Will 5G Network Change the Business?

Will 5G Network Change the Business?

Experts announce that 5G technology will cause a revolution. New generation of the mobile Internet will allow to introduce technologically advanced products, services and business models.

„Tech Trends 2019 – how to break technological barriers” report made by Deloitte shows 5G as one of the factors that will change business radically. Thanks to huge capacity we will be able to manage information and data in real time. It means many modern solutions for industry.

It will accelerate development of autonomous cars or medicine automation. 5G will also allow the global development of IoT solutions, of which implementation Orange is leader. About 40% of all SIM M2M cards in Poland (1.5 mln) works in Orange. Despite its’ function can be unnoticeable it is hard to imagine world without it. Among other things: payment terminals, cars downloading data concerning traffic or intelligent electric meters.

Communication between devices is a beginning of business digital transformation. Next steps are: automatic data analysis, its processing and reporting. In this field Orange Polska wants to be a guide for other companies.

We are ready for the forthcoming changes – on the one hand we invest in network development, on the other hand, as a partner in digital business development, we offer advanced solutions in the field of data analysis, telemetric, API or robotics.

Who will be the beneficiary of new generation mobile telephony?

Changes related to introduction of 5G network will start with cities, which as a socially-industrial area have lots of sensors, devices and object connected to the network. Thanks to new technology they will be able to interact in totally different dimension. Almost all sectors willing to compete on the basis of digital innovations and high technological competence, starting with production of advanced technologies to end with agriculture are possible to change due to 5g development.

Smart City – intelligent urban area

The particular area with huge potential on one hand and very important social meaning on the other is Smart City – concept of building and comercialization of intelligent urban areas. Orange offers commercial solutions for cities: intelligent bikes, street lighting, car parks, digital benches, remote water reading, urban monitoring or chargers for electric cars. Digitalization of urban area is a fact and 5G potential will enable implementation of large-scale solutions.  

Industry 4.0 – vision of digitalization and industry robotization

In the coming years industry will be one of the sectors mostly absorbing innovative technologies and solutions from the fields: IoT, BDA, AI, machine learning, connected devices, robots and machines equipped with thousands of sensors and functioning in one ecosystem.

In Orange, we understand vision of Industry 4.0 as connection of ICT solutions such as: SDN or cloud computing with innovative technologies. Thanks to 5G support, we will be able to reach scalability of solutions that demand administration of enormous quantity of data in real time.

Project in Retail industry that Orange is involved in

In cooperation with one of our partners from FMCG sector, we work on innovative project of Store of the Future.

We have proposed many advanced solutions such as: Digital Signage, intelligent shelves, digital labels, smartphone application and individual loyalty programme.

Our Store of the Future will be full of modern technologies. It means huge amount of data which effective use of depends on transfer to database and analytics centers.

5G technology with high bit rates, minimal delay and flexibility in building will allow to reach the scale of such solutions, which is our goal.

5G in Orange

We have completed first shows and 5G tests in Orange Polska. Last year in Warsaw and Gliwice and this year in Zakopane. In September, we have started 5G test in Warsaw on huge scale. Our business partners have been invited to be a part of tests for the first time. We want to check all parts of new network earnestly and comprehensively. This year we plan next implementation, in Lublin. 5G program is in synergy with development of fiber optic network. Thanks to the biggest investing program in company’s history, connections with very high capacity are available in over 120 cities in Poland. In the future they can be used for creating new access points to 5G network.


Bożena Leśniewska, Vice President of the Management Board in charge of the B2B Market at Orange Polska

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