Poland has declared to abandon coal by 2040.

Poland has declared to abandon coal by 2040.

At the COP26 summit in Glasgow, Poland officially pledged to start the process of gradual withdrawal from coal. So far, Poland has not declared its readiness to abandon the coal policy, so the current decision is an important step towards counteracting climate change.

The agreement itself covers 190 countries and organizations, and its main assumptions are a gradual departure from coal and the development of environmentally friendly technologies.

According to the assumptions of the agreement, larger economies are to achieve their assumptions by 2030, and by developing countries by 2040.

 So far, while progress has been made in reducing coal consumption worldwide, in 2019 it still produced about 37% of the world’s electricity. According to the findings, Poland will have to make significant investments to achieve the set goal, but it is necessary due to the ongoing climate change.

UK Energy Minister said in a statement “The end of coal is in sight” and added “The world is headed in the right direction, ready to seal the fate of coal and benefit from the environmental and economic benefits of building a clean energy future.”

Meanwhile, the head of the Greenpeace delegation to COP26, Juan Pablo Osornio, said a little less optimistically: “Overall, this statement still falls short of the fossil fuel ambition needed in this critical decade.”

Prime Minister Morawiecki, on the other hand, spoke about “ambitious climate goals” and stressed the need to provide “adequate resources”.

I am glad that the entire climate package negotiated by Poland is a good package, but at the same time there can be no blackmail on the part of other elements of European policy. An attempt to take any funds will certainly not only have nothing to do with a just transition, but will also mean that political blackmail from Brussels dominates the achievement of climate goals, said the Prime Minister.

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