Electricity under control

Electricity under control

Increase of operational efficiency and optimisation of processes are the goals of each and every enterprise. Monitoring and reducing operational costs, in particular fixed costs of on-going operation, is the simplest and most efficient way of achieving those goals. In the case of production plants using energy carriers (e.g. electricity), no supervision over consumed utilities leads to losses and unplanned costs related to, for example, fines for exceeding the connection parameters specified in contracts. In the case of other sectors, such as real estate, services or shopping malls, the access to complete information on the consumed resources allows you to make an analysis, look for potential savings, and then to make more rational decisions and plan investment expenditure better.

Flow measurements of energy carriers are not limited only to the on-going volume. As far as electricity is concerned, apart from the actual power consumption, quality parameters and parameters resulting from enterprise specificity – e.g. types and working cycle of equipment used, shift work system or peak power demand – are also important. Saving, which should be practised by every entrepreneur, needs to begin from learning about the utility consumption profile at your own company and on this basis an optimisation plan should be prepared. Those tasks are carried out by the OMNITORUS system – a solution for everyone who wants to have control over the consumption, expenditures and costs at their enterprise.

The OMNITORUS system, combined with advanced electricity meters (Apator Group solutions), allows for precise metering and remote recording of results in could services. The system shows simple energy measurements that can be used for the settlement of payments with lessees or sublessees of, for example, commercial units in shopping malls, flats, apartments, garages or state-owned facilities as well as precise measurements of individual production lines, machines or equipment at production plants. OMNITORUS offers, among other things, direct metering of active and reactive power. The data obtained by the system allow you to analyse grid parameters and load profile, even every 15 minutes.

OMNITORUS has the so-called “power guard” (power limit) feature protecting the installation against overloading (e.g. in the event of failures) or exceeding the ordered power. The function is realised through remote contactor control and disconnection of individual current circuits as well as automatic SMS and e-mail notification. This way, you can quickly take control over the monitored facility without the necessity of personal intervention, which is particularly important in the case of undesired events at the production lines. In addition, the presentation of data in the form of charts and tables allows you to quickly identify lines or machines exceeding their average parameters and detect possible defects earlier.

Thanks to the precise data on utility consumption at your enterprise, you can introduce changes in the energy infrastructure. Replacing your machines with more energy-saving and efficient ones, installing your own renewable energy sources or shifting to a tailored energy tariff increases energy efficiency of your enterprise and can make it possible for you to apply for a relevant certificate in the Energy Regulatory Office.

Taking into account the unstable situation on fuel and energy markets, efficient and effective electricity management is not only about maximising the profits. The OMNITORUS system could prove to be a tool that would allow you to maintain production continuity and remain competitive.

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