<strong>OX2’s energy never ends</strong>

OX2’s energy never ends

OX2 is the largest developer of onshore wind farms constructed in Europe. Sweden, Finland, Poland, France, Norway, Spain, Romania, Lithuania and Italy – those are the countries where the company develops and builds wind and solar farms. OX2 has been present on the European market for nearly eighteen years, on the Polish market – for nearly four, currently implementing the construction of five wind farms in Poland with the capacities from 20 MW to 63 MW.

Last year, OX2 completed the construction of its first wind farm in Poland in Żary, with the capacity of 21 MW. Next year, OX2 in our country, is planning to start construction of two wind farms and a solar farm. The total portfolio of PV and wind projects under development is about 1.5 GW in Poland.

“Renewable energy is a key direction to build a sustainable and safe future. We are facing one of the biggest challenges of our times. We want to create a society that lives in a harmony with the nature and we believe we can do it. We look into the future with hope and faith. We are waiting for new legal regulations that will create favorable conditions for the development of RES in Poland. Energy from wind and sun is the clean air for each of us. The development of renewable energy sources contributes to minimizing the carbon footprint and improving air quality. That is why we are developing and taking up climate challenges. We are open for the new technologies and new ways of participating in the energy transformation – emphasizes Katarzyna Suchcicka, General Director, OX2 Poland.

Miners on wind turbines

OX2 together with its partner Windhunter Academy has prepared and implemented a pioneering training program, dedicated for miners leaving mines and for the development of the wind energy sector purpose. The aim of the course was to retrain miners leaving the mining industry and looking for the new employment and prepare them to work as a technician and installer of wind turbines. During the course, participants acquired the necessary knowledge and qualifications and after its completion obtained globally honored GWO, UDT certificates and electrical licenses. The training program complies with the standards of the Global Wind Organization, the Office of Technical Inspection and the Association of Polish Engineers and Mechanics. The international certificates of the professional qualification obtained by graduates of the course, entitle them to work both in onshore wind farms and offshore wind energy projects. Miners who have completed the training have already received certificates entitling them to install and service turbines not only in Poland, but also around the world. All the participants of the first edition of the pilot program, received job offers shortly after its completion. The first miners have already found employment and started working in the wind energy sector in Finland and Poland.

The energy transition is a change on many levels. It is an action to improve the air quality, technological change, but also an opportunity in social terms. Along with the dynamic development of the wind energy industry, the demand for qualified employees – technicians and installers of wind turbines – is increasing in the RES sector. Miners who decided to take part in the program saw this potential and today enter the green energy market.

The development of wind energy is not only about reducing the level of CO2 emissions and increasing the share of clean, green energy in the national energy mix. It is also a new labor market and an opportunity for employment for employees leaving the conventional energy sector. The pioneering project of training for miners for wind energy purpose, has generated great interest, both among miners and in the renewable energy sector. For its implementation, OX2 was honored during the PWEA Conference 2022, with the award for the Company of the Year 2022. This is the first training project in Poland dedicated to miners leaving mines, giving them a real opportunity to retrain and to find a new place for employment.

RES – a future for all

The RES sector, which OX2 represents, ensures the clean future, but also cheaper electricity, energy security, electricity supply and energy independence from external suppliers.

Poland is a market with an excellent potential for investment and development of the renewable energy sector. However, despite many years of activity of this industry in Poland, we still obtain over 70% of our energy from coal, and this means a lot of work is still ahead of us to significantly change these proportions. The domestic energy market brings with it many challenges. The biggest ones are the need for urgent legislative changes and the implementation of multifaceted education. It is necessary to create transparent regulations enabling proper shaping of space and investment planning based on mutual dialogue. Only then will the market be able to develop.

The right energy mix with a large share of green energy production from wind is an important economic factor stabilizing its price and conditioning development, independence and national energy security. Wind power is currently the cheapest energy source. Today, the wind energy can be sold to the grid for about PLN 200 per MWh, while the cost of generating energy from gas or coal is several times higher. This shows the potential for savings in household budgets, in bills paid by entrepreneurs, which can be provided by wind energy. Taxes from investments paid to small local municipalities, and thus to local communities, are a significant impact on the budgets of municipalities and a strong impulse for their development. The unquestionable benefit is the safety, that the energy from RES can provide. In the conditions, where we are facing the challenge of supplying energy in sufficient quantities, independence from external sources should be a priority in the country’s energy policy. Along with the increase in energy prices, we are also observing a significant increase in interest in large-scale renewable energy projects from the production sector side. Investment in own installation is an important factor that stabilizes the company’s costs. It increases its independence by ensuring the energy safety.

As a signatory of the UN Global Compact, OX2 supports the principles of respect for human rights, labour rights, environmental protection and anti-corruption, which are crucial for the sustainable development of business and the planet. These principles have been incorporated into the company’s strategy, policy and operations. The development of green energy is necessary to ensure the ecological, social and economic security of the country.

General Director, OX2 Poland

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