Expansion of the National Road 81/86 Katowice

Expansion of the National Road 81/86 Katowice

This investment involves the expansion and reconstruction of the section at Pszczyńska (DK-86), at 73 Pułku Piechoty (DK-81), the old course of 73 Pułku Piechoty, construction of an interchange at the intersection of DK-86 (Pszczyńska) and DK-81 (73 Pułku Piechoty), extension of the Kolista road node, as well as reconstruction of the section at Kolista and Karolinki. The scope of work on the project “Extension of National Road 81 from the A4 Motorway interchange with the DK 86 to the constructed interchange with Armii Krajowej St. – stage I” includes, among other things: – extension and reconstruction of a section of Pszczyńska St. (DK 86), – extension of a section of 73 Pułku Piechoty St. (DK 81), – extension of the old route of 73 Pułku Piechoty St., – construction of an interchange at the intersection of DK 86 (Pszczyńska St.) with the DK 81 (73 Pułku Piechoty St.), – extension of the Kolista interchange, – reconstruction of sections of Kolista St. and Karolinki St. within the implemented intersections, – construction of slip roads: a) (on the Siewierz to Skoczów route), b) (on the Skoczów to Siewierz route), c) (on the Tychy to Skoczów route), d) (on the Skoczów to Tychy route), e) (on the Skoczów to Mysłowice route, exit from National Road No. 81 to 73 Pułku Piechoty St.), f) (on the Mysłowice to Siewierz/Skoczów route), g) (on the Tychy to Mysłowice route), h) (on the Siewierz to Mysłowice route), i) (on the Mysłowice to Tychy route), – expansion of traffic lights at the Karolinka – Kolista junction, – construction of road culverts, – construction of exits, – construction of engineering structures (flyovers) W-1, W-2, W-3, W-4, W-6, W-7, – reconstruction of underground pedestrian crossings (T-5a and T-5b), – reconstruction of a railway crossing with infrastructure, – reconstruction of the culvert on the Bolina Stream, – construction of fences, – reconstruction of noise barriers, – construction of a service duct with video monitoring, – construction of a rainwater sewage system together with a pumping station, – reconstruction of the utilities conflicting with the extension of the road: – installation of traffic safety devices and fences, – development of road greenery.

NDI/Balzola ConsortiumGeneral Contractor: NDI/Balzola Consortium

 2018-2020 Project’s execution: 2018-2020

 247 mln złotych bruttoProject Value: 247 mln złotych brutto


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