How to play fair in the pandemia?

How to play fair in the pandemia?

Honesty and transparency, as well as socially responsible business operations and caring for life are values that are extremely important to Skanska. The role of these values is even more important in this difficult situation we are all facing right now – every organization and each of us individually.

The engagement of the business community in the fight against the effects of the ongoing pandemic is extremely important and definitely necessary. Businesses can and should support those in need: institutions, hospitals and private individuals. This is due to both our moral duty on a purely human level and the shared responsibility for our surroundings.

Business Fair Play is a business that actively participates in various types of initiatives that serve the general good, as well as one that can respond to the ongoing challenges of the current situation. At Skanska, we understand this responsibility, which is why we are eager to get involved. In line with our adopted values, we have engaged, among others, in the #property4heroes campaign, which is supported by major companies from the commercial real estate industry. Every day, we compete with each other in business, but we have joined forces to support medical heroes. Thanks to this initiative, in April and May we have joined forces to deliver meals daily to 11 hospitals and medical facilities that are on the first front of fighting this pandemic.

Responding to current challenges, we remember, however, that caring for life is not just a matter of “here and now”, but also a responsibility to future generations. Responsibility, which apart from the systematic improvement of our quality of life, also relates to environmental issues, ecology and sustainable development. That is why at Skanska we implement all our projects in accordance with the highest ecological standards, as well as implement innovative technological solutions aimed at minimizing the carbon footprint and environmental impact. According to our plan, we want to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 50% by 2030, and reduce it to zero throughout the entire Group by 2045. This is our strategic goal.


Karolina Radziszewska, Executive Vicepresident HR and Administration CEE, Skanska CDE

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