Mirror Investment meets the expectations of modern marketers – eMirror smart mirrors have been created

Mirror Investment meets the expectations of modern marketers – eMirror smart mirrors have been created

Mirror Investment creates eMirror interactive mirrors from scratch, which are a modern content carrier based on artificial intelligence, intended for individual and business customers. Recently, the company also offers the eMirror Office solution, which combines the functionality of an interactive mirror and a system of glass buildings. How much can a mirror tell about a man?

Nowadays, mirrors based on artificial intelligence technology are more and more popular, and anyone can own them. It is a device that is not only fun to use, but also surprises with its possibilities and functions. Interactive mirrors can already be found in shopping malls, office buildings and often apartments or private houses.

The phenomenon of interactive mirrors. Why Artificial Intelligence?

According to a study by Growth from Knowledge, people spend as much as 4 hours per week looking in the mirror. This means that the mirror – as an object, naturally catches the eye of a person who usually sees only himself in it. The business potential of interactive mirrors used in public space was noticed by the founders of Mirror Investment. With the help of their own product – eMirror, they created a bridge between property managers and advertisers.

 Thanks to extensive experience in the field of modern technologies and the use of artificial intelligence in business, the mirror not only displays the desired content, e.g. advertising, but also recognizes and analyzes the emotions of recipients. What’s more, the mirror identifies the characteristics of people standing in front of it, i.e. probable age and gender, having a beard, glasses, mustaches, etc. Thanks to this, the advertiser is able to target the advertisements to potential customers from the target group, which translates into the actual sale of products and services.

What’s more, the mirror is able to distinguish a person standing directly in front of it from bystanders, e.g. passers-by or people standing right behind them. Thus, it is possible to analyze the characteristics of all people within the range of the mirror, including the time to focus on the displayed content. The advertisement, on the other hand, can be displayed to the person standing directly in front of the mirror, i.e. closest to it. This way, the advertiser knows which target audience the ad will be displayed and how many. Such extensive analytical capabilities of Mirror Investment’s interactive mirrors not only optimize the cost of ongoing campaigns, but also successively increase advertising revenues. Thus, advertising on intelligent mirrors becomes much more beneficial and even more attractive for the advertiser than on standard advertising media.

What about advertising or other content that is not targeted at specific audiences?

Any content that the mirror manager wants to show to audiences can be displayed on eMirror interactive mirrors, including content intended for the general public. It is a great and above all measurable alternative to the applied ATL marketing – above the line. Based on the characteristics, the interactive mirror is able to determine who was the recipient of specific content, at what time it was displayed and with what frequency. Such a broad analytics is certainly a huge benefit for advertisers, including due to the generated statistics.

Technology with the environment in mind – the EcoShade system

Nowadays, each technological solution should be designed so as not to harm the environment and be human-friendly. This is the case with the Mirror Investment smart mirror. For its needs, a special EcoShade system has been created, thanks to which electricity consumption is reduced. This is possible by disabling unnecessary resources when no recipient is detected in the vicinity of the mirror.

Can you earn money on Mirror Investment’s interactive mirrors?

Yes, eMirror can be used as an advertising medium in the facility. This means that companies interested in displaying an advertisement in a specific location will be willing to pay for the rental of advertising space. In addition, advertisers are aware that specific ads are displayed to the right audience, so the target reach rate in a given place is high. That is why the greatest benefit of interactive mirrors is their enormous analytical potential.

 Mirror Investment, apart from the purchase of mirrors, also offers other possibilities of cooperation and financing. Flexible approach to the customer makes the investment in the eMirror product even more profitable.

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