Modernization of the railway and road system

Port Gdańsk (2018-2021)

As a part of the project to expand the road and rail system at the Outer Port carried out by NDI for Port of Gdańsk, the following streets are being reconstructed: Portowa, Poinca, Kontenerowa and Budowniczych Portu Północnego, with a total length of 5.6 km.

Four new flyovers are under construction and two existing ones will be demolished (including one over active railway tracks and the other over a set of fuel supply pipes of PERN, LOTOS and Naftoport). An additional track to the DCT terminal, new tracks to coal terminals and a modern rail traffic control system are planned. A buffer parking lot for trucks will also be built – the first in this part of the Port. The investment worth over 176 million is implemented by NDI from Sopot. The value of the contract is almost 176 million zlotys, of which 85% is a subsidy from the European Union under the CEF program (Connecting Europe Facility).

General Contractor: NDI SA

Investor: Zarząd Morskiego Portu Gdańsk SA

Project’s execution : 2018-2020


NDI Group

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