NDI joins PBB

NDI joins PBB

The NDI Group became the fourteenth member of the Agreement for Safety in Construction (PBB).

During the meeting of the Steering Committee of the Agreement for Safety in Construction, Małgorzata Winiarek-Gajewska, President of the NDI Group, signed a declaration that NDI joins this organisation as an ordinary member.

“Our ambition and goal are to guarantee the highest standards related to safety on our construction sites. We want all of our employees and associates to work in an environment where work is properly organised and promotes safe behaviour. We trust that our participation in the Agreement will be an effective platform for exchanging experiences and developing new solutions for the entire industry,” said Małgorzata Winiarek Gajewska, President of the NDI Group during the meeting.

The Agreement for Safety in Construction is an initiative of general contractors aimed at improving safety on Polish construction sites. It is primarily building an OH&S culture, the lasting effect of which is to improve safety and eliminate accidents on Polish construction sites by developing and implementing a number of systemic solutions and good practices.

“Our Agreement is open, and we are glad that more and more companies are willing to join us. However, we do not focus on quantity, but on quality. In order to work with us, a company must strictly adhere to a set of our internal OH&S rules, often significantly more rigorous than those regulated by Polish law. We check it during an audit. We congratulate NDI and are looking forward to a successful cooperation,” – says Jacek Leczkowski, vice-president of ERBUD S.A., who is the President of PBB under the two-year presidency.

“There are certain areas where there is no room for compromise. The construction site is one of them. From now on, with a strong expert group of colleagues from other companies, we are continuing the mission to reduce the number of accidents on Polish construction sites by joining a number of projects that improve safety on construction sites,” – emphasised Justyna Mierzejewska, head of the OH&S Department at the NDI Group.

This is an important moment for the NDI Group; so far the companies from the group participated in the PBB initiative as an associate member – this is a function for companies adopting all the solutions introduced in the Agreement, but not participating in their development.

NDI is already the fourteenth full member of the Agreement for Safety in Construction. The organisation was founded in 2010. The report summarising the decade of its operation shows that during this time there was a two-fold reduction in the number of people injured in accidents on Polish construction sites, and today, there are four times fewer fatal accidents per 100,000 employees. According to Eurostat, in the years 2009-2018, among all European Union countries, Poland improved safety at construction sites the most. From the country with the highest number of fatal accidents per 100,000 employees (21.49), it moved up in the rank and is among the countries with the lowest rate of the most serious incidents (5.18).


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