Oxygen Forest Poland

On the photo: V-ce CEO Michał Wyszyński & CEO Marcin Ujejski winners of Śląska Gala Business Centre Club.

In 2018 we’ve set ourselves a goal to plant milion Paulownia trees in Poland. Paulownia – the fastest growing tree in the world – in our opinion has the biggest potential to redefine ecological trends with becoming a crucial link in closed carbion-dioxide cycle. Our current milestone is transformation into joint-stock company (Lasy Tlenowe Polska S.A.), which will present every stakeholder that ecology can go hand in hand with good business and margin.

Living in XXI century, we are witnessing record-breaking human population growth and development increase. Or experiences, gathered with the use of new methods allow us better understanding of the environment in which we live. The collected data gave rise to new social movements such as the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.  As part of tchem, as many as 193 countries have decided to, among other, take urgent action to combat climate change and its consequences.

There is no doubt that there is a close relationship between climate change and CO2 emissions to the atmosphere. We should not stop persisting in searching for solutions when the good of our loved ones is at stake. Despite the ongoing decarbonization, most of the components of modern enterprises are not climate-neutral, so we must look for solutions that balance our impact of the environment. Experts postulate a model of a closed CO2 cycle in the atmosphere, assuming the neutralization of all the emitted gas, hence the search for a air-binding remedy for this substance is a particularly important branch of modern science. Research shows that selected tree species differ in carbon dioxide absorption, which made it necessary to select the optimal tree species as the basis for high-yeld Paulownia forest plantations.

Our plantations consist of Paulownia – a fast growing tree species developed in Europe (with nearly 120 cm diameter leaves), which in the proces of photosynthesis, very effectively collect CO2 excess from the atmosphere, producing a lot of high-quality wood. This wil make obtaining climate-neutral products possible. They can serve socjety as equipment for homes and offices afterwards. Importantly, the Paulownia breeding cycle is only 7 years, after which the tree is ready to be cut and then sprouting a new shoot ready to cycle again. 2nd and every next cut can be perform after 4-5 years, due to previously root system.

This way, an innovative product was created for entrepreneurs who are not indifferent to climate change. Appropriate willingness and motivation for social responsibility, combined with the best knowledge and experience in Paulownia breeding, can significantly help our country in achieving climate neutrality, which we are obligated to acheve in accordance with the 2050 declarations. Isn;t it better to take care of our common fate today? We strongly believe that pro-ecological activities should be noticed and rewarded in the public space – thanks to this, with the help of reliable data, we will be able to motivate each other to develop pro-ecological solutions.

An argument in favor of using Paulownia for decarbonization i salso the modest requirements that must be met by the land intended for the plantation, which will allow the use of previously unused agricultural land and reduce the necessary costs related to the land. The sight of a growing plantation will be the pride not only of the inwestor, but of the entire local community – improving the quality of air and landscape.

The plan of Oxygen Forest Poland envisages further research and development work on the absorption capacity of Paulownia in cooperation with the National Center of Research and Development and the search for strategic investors looking for innovate decarbonization solutions. Poland is a world leader in the wood industry, therefore, by jointly investing in relevant market sectors, we will have the opportunity to reduce CO2 by employing specialists, whose viewers and experience will result in new plantations of life-giving oxygen. It is a hope for our loved ones that they will also be able to enjoy the beauty of our planet by developing their dreams in harmony with the environment.


Michał Wyszyński V-ce President Oxygen Forest Poland Sp. z.o.o

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