Apator Group develops RES solutions

Apator Group develops RES solutions

The photovoltaic market is still rapidly growing, which results in an increasing demand for a quality equipment supporting the operation of PV farms. Apator Elkomtech, Apator Group’s company, launches EKTIN PV – a supervision system for PV farms.

The use of RES in the Polish electroenergetic system is dynamically growing, mainly due to the development of photovoltaic micro installations. At the end of 2020 – according to IEO’s forecast – the total power from PV panels may reach 2.5 GW. As the Institute estimates – if the new power continues to grow such dynamically in the subsequent years, the PV power will reach 6.6 GW in 2023 and even 8 GW in 2025. This is more than what has been expected in the government plans for 2030.

This phenomenon is accompanied by a rapid technological development. The partnership of public administration and industry results in new initiatives, e.g. “Industrial PV Panel” which is aimed at the cooperation of the representatives of the developing Polish photovoltaic industry (producers of photovoltaic modules, supporting structures and fasteners, energy storage and electrical equipment/accessories). Apator SA, provider of solutions for the implementation of RES technologies and local energy management, has entered into the partnership as well.

The Apator Group is currently the biggest supplier of prosumer bidirectional electricity meters (with and without communication) used in PV micro installations, as well as specialised equipment for connecting and protecting the electrical circuits in PV farms in the Polish market. Apator has also implemented solutions for the management of energy flow in installations and internal networks containing PV generation and providing the integration of dispersed PV energy sources with modern large-scale power grid.

Apator is still developing its offer of RES solutions. EKTIN PV – a comprehensive system for the supervision and management of photovoltaic farms – made its debut on the market. It is a SCADA class solution thanks to which the customer can observe the operation of RES in real time, monitor the basic parameters, as well as track the most important rates indicating the use of the potential of green energy production. Apator Elkomtech carried out pilot installations of the system on several photovoltaic farms in 2020, also the first commercial implementation of the EKTIN system for a wind farm was made.


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