Dialog first

The Sustainable Development Laboratory was established 12 years ago. The basis of our activities is dialogue. We specialize in planning and implementing complex participatory processes, most often in partnership with local governments and public institutions. We carry out social research, prepare diagnoses, support revitalization and participatory space planning processes. Over the past five years, as part of the Space for Participation project, we have supported several dozen municipal governments in the process of consulting planning documents. 

Our team supported municipalities at various stages of preparation of municipal regeneration programs, we worked, among others for Włocławek, Wołomin, Kalisz, Lębork or smaller municipalities such as Płużnica, Nowe or Brok, ensuring the broad involvement of residents and other stakeholders. 

We also work with public institutions and organizations, conducting processes regarding the programming of institutions (e.g. culture) or local public policies (e.g. integration of foreigners).  We are proud to look at how our work influences the development of cities and municipalities, how our ideas and projects change them for the better. 

Krzysztof Ślebioda

Current information on our activities can be found at www.pzr.org.pl 


Krzysztof Ślebioda, President of Pracownia Zrównoważonego Rozwoju

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