SEGRO’s Green Solutions Among Good Practices Again

SEGRO’s Green Solutions Among Good Practices Again

In this year’s report of the Responsible Business Forum “Responsible Business in Poland 2020. Good practices”, two SEGRO initiatives  supporting the environment were distinguished, namely beehives and hotels for insects and charging stations for electric and hybrid cars. The developer was included in this list of CSR activities for the second year in a row.

SEGRO, a leading developer, manager and owner of modern warehouse and light industrial space, committed to the protection of the natural environment and taking into account the growing trend of electromobility, has equipped almost 90% logistic parks in Poland with chargers for electric and hybrid cars.

In turn, the beehives have been set up in four parks: SEGRO Logistics Park Warsaw, Pruszków, SEGRO Logistics Park Poznań, Gądki, SEGRO Logistics Park Gliwice oraz SEGRO Industrial Park Tychy, where more than half a million bees have already moved in. The choice of location was dictated by the proximity to crops – bees pollinate as much as 3/4 of the main crops. According to preliminary estimates, bees living in SEGRO parks can produce up to 200 kg of honey per year.

Both of SEGRO’s practices were recognized by RBF in the “environment” area – beehives and insect hotels in the “biodiversity” category qualified as a long-standing practice that appeared in the list for the first time last year, while charging stations for electric and hybrid vehicles were described for the first time in the “eco efficiency” category.

SEGRO is the only developer and owner of warehouse properties and is included in the list of all practices reported by 225 companies.  In February 2021, the company launched its Responsible SEGRO framework which introduces three long term priorities to which it can make the greatest business, environmental and social contribution to society. These are championing low carbon growth, investing in local communities and environments and nurturing talent. Incorporating electric vehicle charging stations, bee hives and insect hotels are good examples of how SEGRO is delivering these targets.

– We are pleased that as many as two of our green projects were included in the list of Good Practices 2020. The installation of charging stations for electric and hybrid vehicles as well as the location of beehives and hotels for insects in SEGRO’s logistic parks in Poland are among the many initiatives of our company in the field of corporate social responsibility. In order to diversify our activities in the area of sustainable development we focus on solutions which simultaneously benefit both the environment and our clients, on the economic as well as the image level – says Waldemar Witczak, SEGRO’s Regional Director.

The report “Responsible Business in Poland. Good Practices” is the most important cyclical publication of the Responsible Business Forum issued since 2002. This is an annual review of the activity of companies that have reported their CSR activities and a summary of the most important issues related to responsible business in Poland.



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