The world is our common business

The end of the year marks one of the most difficult periods in decades. You can count easily the industries that have not been affected by the pandemic. Entrepreneurs are tightening their belts and counting every penny but now the solidarity with those who are on the verge of losing their lives because of economic effects of pandemic, is needed more than ever. This kind of solidarity will simply pay off.

The coronavirus which has become the ‘hunger virus’ in many countries, as well as  climate crisis, causing prolonged droughts and floods, armed conflicts, the unprecedented locust plague and the Beirut explosion which is pushing Lebanon to the brink of a humanitarian disaster – these are merely some catastrophes of 2020. All of these unforeseen events are increasing the danger of famine and malnutrition (according to UN data even doubling it !) and are pushing hundreds of millions into extreme poverty. For the people living in the North, even though already experiencing the effects of crisis, those problems are still very abstract, just some snapshots from the news which do not affect much their lives. Yet the virus which only less than a year ago seemed to be a local problem is now devastating the whole world, paralysing health care in many countries, holding back economies and leading to deep social unrest. You cannot find more obvious example of the interdependency of the world we live in. The UN warn that unless we  take care of the all disease outbreaks, Africa will become a coronavirus reservoir which may be transmitted back to the countries of the Global North. However, there is no place for fear : we need to realise that we are all in this together and that we cannotturn eyes away from the problem. This action would be not only unethical but also simply uneffective in economic sense. It is time to act, simply because the world will be a safer and more stable place if we take care of people whose lives are fragile and prone to every small shock. As Polish Humanitarian Action (PAH) we help people in Africa, as well as Middle East, thanks to the support of individuals, companies and institutions.We are able to buy equipment and goods , pay experts for their hard work – all of this would not be possible if not with the funds coming from our generous donors. Often it does not take much to help rebuilding someone’s life and making them independent. If the conditons are favourable it is enough to provide access to water, grain or simple agricultural equipment to empower people who from now on can produce food by themselves. It seems to be just a drop in the ocean but these small steps have the power to change the world – and everybody can be the face of change.

Aid is a mutual relationship, an exchange that benefits both sides. Our business donors, in addition to the most tangible benefits, also gain a sense of self-efficacy, while their employees can feel that their work has a deeper meaning. On the other hand the customers recognise and appreciate the company’s commitment to supportaid agencies. The time has finally come to revise the motto “think global, act local”. The local community still exists, yet the processes taking place on other continents play a big and increasing role in our lives. We have a chance to leave our mark and help those who are in need.

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Rafał Grzelewski

PAH’s Spokesperson

Last Updated on February 16, 2021 by Karolina Ampulska