Together for the environment

Currently, ongoing from some time changes in economies of European Union countries have been called „European Green Deal”. Under this term we can find very ambitious, environmentally friendly developlment strategy, which assumes achieving climate neutrality just whithin 3 decades – until the middle of 21st century. Proposed in the European Green Deal climate neutrality does not take into account compromises such as the purchase of carbon credits. The entire economy, from producers to suppliers and final users, should contribute to zero emissions.

This goal is is particularly demanding for countries such as Poland, which energy politics is mainly based on coal. However, such a abitious goal does not have to mean the final failure. However, full mobilization is necessary not only on the part of the Polish authorities, but also every company involved in achieving the goal, and even every individual person who, through their beliefs and daily activities, will enable completion of this task. In construction, achieving this goal is additionally difficult due to the way the branch of industry operates. For example, due to the direct connection with the mining sector of the economy, in which achieving certain climate assumptions is particularly demanding. However, this should not mean giving up actions aimed at changing general strategy by planning, acting, and ultimately getting as close to the assumed goal as possible.

This is the way followed by the Eurovia Group, which intends to achieve its own ambitious environmental goals within the next 10 years. The most important steps in the field of environmental protection include reducing carbon dioxide emissions or reducing the issues associated with the ongoing construction works for employees, environment and local communities. Eurovia is also introducing changes in production, both in asphalt mixing plants and quarries, focusing on reducing the impact of its operations on the natural environment. The company also attempts to use low-emission technologies, i.e. those that do not require the use of high temperature in the production of building materials. Through innovative technologies such as Power Road®, it delivers green solutions also for related industries. This particular solution, by combining the advantages of heat pumps, heated by sunlight road surface and vertical ground collectors, can largely cover the thermal needs of the surrounding facilities or provide in winter maintenance of parking lots or roads around the buildings, without mechanical or chemical snow removal.

However, the assumptions of the European Green Deal are not only focused on fighting for environmental goals. They also have a social dimension, it is an opportunity for joint action, strengthening interpersonal ties and starting cooperation between various societies, organizations, and also between EU countries. Cooperation and joint activities help to achieve goals that go beyond the capabilities of the individual, enabling us to boldly look into the future.


Nicolas Dépret, CEO, EUROVIA Polska SA

Nicolas Dépret been involved with Eurovia Group since 1997. He is a graduate of Ecole Spéciale des Travaux Publics, du Bâtiment et de l’Industrie in Paris.

Mr Dépret started his professional career in Germany where he managed road construction projects for 3 years. Since 2000 he encouraged the development of Eurovia’s operations in Poland by managing the technical department, acting as chief operating officer and a member of the management board. In the years 2014-2017 he was in charge of Eurovia’s branches in Romania, Croatia and the Baltic States. In 2013 he took charge of the Group’s security area in Central and Southern Europe. He was appointed the Chairman of the Board of Eurovia in Poland in 2017 and has performed this function since then. Actively involved in the work of nationwide road organizations such as the Polish Chamber of Commerce of Road Construction Industry, Polish Association of Construction Industry Employers, Polish Association of Asphalt Paving Contractors and Road Congress, by taking part in activities carried out to develop the road industry in Poland.

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