We bring joy into children’s lives

We bring joy into children’s lives

“There’s nothing more beautiful and rewarding than making a sick child’s wish come true. Sometimes their dreams are all they have left. If we cannot add days to their lives, let’s add life to their days. I’m blessed to have helped “light up the lives” of over 6000 less fortunate children and their families. This has been achieved together with the love and generosity of Fantazja’s friends and supporters but, with so many children waiting for their special moment, I implore you to look into your hearts and ask how you can help Fantazja, today!”

Since 2003,  Warsaw based Fundacja Dziecieca Fantazja (Fantazja) has been “lighting up the  lives” of  children in Poland who suffer from a terminal illness or life-limiting condition making their fondest wishes and dreams come true. 

Over half of the children’s wishes are, to most people, basic material items such as; laptops, tablets, smartphones, gaming devices, televisions, music systems, cameras, bikes, toys, beds, furniture, clothes in addition to requests for rehabilitation equipment. These wishes are crucial to help improve their quality of life … and much more.

Fantazja’s activities directly benefit the children and their families – especially the mothers, as in so many cases the father has abandoned the child and the mother, leaving them to fend for themselves. As the mothers are generally 24/7 caregivers to their child they are living in extremely difficult conditions and stressful situations – not helped by a social attitude of discrimination towards those less fortunate and the disabled.

Fantazja works with over 500 different children and their families each year. Children who suffer from the following illnesses: malignant cancers and tumors, cystic fibrosis, muscular dystrophy and atrophy, heart failure, a wide range of genetic incurable illnesses, spina bifida, cerebral palsy and autism.

The work of Fantazja helps a child feel stronger and more willing to battle their medical condition. Knowing that someone out there truly cares about them means even more! And mothers tell us that this is often a turning point in their child’s fight against their illness and that they also gained renewed strength to keep fighting each day for their child. The ripple effect of Fantazja’s work reaches all those who see these positive stories unfold when told throughout the media.

To date, Fantazja’s small dedicated team has proudly accomplished over 6000 wishes for its children. At any one time Fantazja has countless children waiting for their dreams to be fulfilled.

Fantazja cooperates and partners with many companies, organizations & individuals. Each supports the work of Fantazja in a variety of ways, including; Financial Contributions & Donations; Company Product & Service Donations. Sponsoring one of Fantazja’s two Signature Program:
  1. “Galas for Young Heroes” – a series of four SuperStar events held throughout each year that include: Christmas Gala Party, Christmas Dinner/Concert, Dad-Daughter Valentine’s Ball & Dream Night at the ZOO.
  2. “HE-LP” – Heroes Learning Program that provides: a University or College Education for sick kids with Employment Opportunities.
The scope to help is endless.Fantazja can also be supported by:

• Donating 1% Income Tax Fantazja: KRS 0000168783
• Donating directly to Fantazja’s account at:
Bank Polskiej Spółdzielczości BPS SA
PL14 1930 1523 2310 0345 8400 0001; SWIFT/BIC: POLUPLP
• “Adopting” a wish of one of Fantazja’s sick children.


Fundacja Dziecieca Fantazja (Fantazja)

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