We are ready for the upcoming changes. Paweł Jaguś, CEO and co-founder of Maat4

We are ready for the upcoming changes. Paweł Jaguś, CEO and co-founder of Maat4

I think there isn’t a company on the market that didn’t find last year difficult. However, your company seems to have weathered that storm. Why is that?

Every company felt the adverse business ramifications, so did ours. Yes, we did manage to close the year in the black, but this is not only due to our hard work and foresight, but also to our clients’ and partners’ accommodating approach. They too found themselves in an entirely new, unprecedented reality. COVID took its toll on our physical and mental wellbeing. The war has been showing us how difficult it is and will be to do business in a divided, mutually hostile world. And, obviously, on top of that there’s inflation, which – unfortunately – will be sending ripples for many years to come.

How have you benefitted from venturing into renewable energy sources (RES)? Have you made any long-term plans in that regard?

Yes, definitely. As regards RES, Maat4’s primary focus these days is industrial photovoltaics. We have yet to research and study energy storage. The Polish energy sector will be developing robustly in the coming years. We want to be a part of that and to actively participate in implementing cutting-edge technologies. I think we’re ready for that. 

Let’s get back to your core business, shall we. Looking at the engineering projects you have recently completed, I think it’s safe to say that you’ve been very successful.

I think so too. Maat4 has only been on the market for several years, but thanks to our engineers, designers and clients’ confidence, we have completed a host of interesting large-scale projects. To name a few: Fabryka Norblina for Capital Park, some medical facilities, for instance a hospital in Prokocim, WCZD in Poznań, several building for the Medical University of Warsaw. Most of these are complex projects with specific requirements. Such facilities are often equipped with critical control systems. Therefore, the requirements were high, but Maat4 always lived up to the task and brought its A-game. 

Where do you see Maat4 in the next 3-5 years?

One year, one month, even, can turn the world upside down. Let alone 5 years. We can see with the naked eye how everything is changing these days, how unbelievably dynamically events are unfolding. This is why we need to push hard to keep up with the market and the technologies. This is our plan. If we want to be industry leaders, we must continue to work hard and learn voraciously about modern solutions, so that we can fully apply them. We want to turn our skills and attention toward industrial facilities. They are highly demanding, but we’re already prepared for that. We would also like to increase our involvement in the above mentioned RES and everything else related to securing energy supplies. No matter the source. So we’ve got many plans in the pipeline. However, the key to all that is to have a firm foothold in day-to-day business setting and to skillfully manage changing realities.

You’re a seasoned manager with many years’ experience. Have you noticed any differences between the generation entering the employment market now and, say, 10-15 years ago?

The generation gap is huge. Each has its own behaviour patterns, work ethics and customs that set it apart. You have to be willing and able to understand them. You must not turn your back on them. You have to look for ways to make the most of these differences, which can – in consequence – give an incredible synergy of thought, action and everything else, essentially. I think we at Maat4 know how to achieve this.

What kinds of specialists and skill sets is the job market, and Maat4 in particular, looking for these days?

We’re interested in specialists with cross-section knowledge. Ones who know their way around security systems, programming and conceptualizing new solutions. We’re looking for wide-open eyes and creative minds. This is hardly original, but that’s who we need.

If we were to describe what Maat4 is today in one sentence, what would it be?

It’s a good place to be.

Paweł Jaguś, CEO and co-founder of Maat4, a company deploying engineering solutions (i.a. automation, security, IT, etc.) at new and revitalized buildings. Co-creator and long-term CEO of GPW-listed Qumak-Sekom S.A. During his tenure as CEO, the company grew seven-fold in terms of turnover and became a leading comprehensive Data Center deployment company. Privately, an avid biker, tennis player, amateur chef and wine connoisseur. When not working, he will most likely be found in Mazury.

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