<strong>Smart Reordering System – Intelligent Warehouse Management</strong>

Smart Reordering System – Intelligent Warehouse Management

By means of automation one may improve the logistic operations in everyday work. Chaos turns to order as well as downtimes to effective job. Can it be described as Utopia? No, it’s a real life.

Those who decided to implement Smart Reordering System find their way to advance the quality of the stock management.

Intelligent Warehouse Management – what is that?

Each plant has its own production parts place. Those parts have to be delivered on time to the production line or machines. The key figure is the availability of the separate parts in order not to make any stops in the production process. If happens so, all the costs raises up dramatically.

What does it come from? In real life, stock management is realized on the principles of logistic processes which take place between the production section or suppliers and warehouse.

From the sensor to the gateway to the cloud application – the Smart Reordering System includes all components that enable fully automated inventory monitoring.

In both cases there are employees responsible for delivering all the parts on the production line to avoid stops.

Every day life shows that workers use the paper cards or voice reports to call for the needed parts . It causes chaos as well as the need for collection a huge amount of parts. Each distortion on the assembly line causes a stop.

It’s essential that the production flow has to be smooth. Once the flow is broken, the effectiveness goes lower.

What is SRS and how it works?

Smart Reordering System is the perfect solution to manage the logistic processes in a company. By means of dedicated sensors all the levels of materials are controlled online. It can work in different areas as the stock or machine giving us the information when the level of the controlled material is below the desired amount.

SRS can be implemented easily in all areas where the logistic actions take place no matter what production profile it is. Whether it’s a chocolate, automotive lamps or food production SRS is the solution.

Wireless sensors which are loaded by batteries can be placed everywhere in the factory. Thanks to this we can prevent from unexpected downtimes and increase the production line operation.

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