Cushman & Wakefield serves as project manager on construction of Oracle’s new office in The Warsaw HUB

The construction of Oracle’s new office can be hailed as exemplary cooperation of leading companies in the challenging pandemic times. Global real estate services firm Cushman & Wakefield was appointed as project manager, with support provided by design firm Massive Design and engineering consultants Roger Preston Polska.

Oracle, a global IT company, has been the proud occupier of an exceptional office for a couple of months now – the first office space in the world designed in line with the firm’s new visual identity. The challenges included incorporating that philosophy into an ambitious design concept and meeting the high quality requirements set by Oracle. The new office has approximately 3,500 sq m spread over two and a half floors of The Warsaw HUB.

A challenging project executed in double-quick time

Cushman & Wakefield, which was responsible for the overall project management, commenced the first works in autumn 2019. “Although Cushman & Wakefield and Oracle have a long record of successful cooperation globally, in this case we took part in the tender process in which we competed against other advisory firms. Our capabilities had been recognised, so we signed a contract. We joined our commercial team in advising Oracle during the negotiations of their lease and then we initiated our end-to-end procedure of concept and detailed design, cost and schedule control, through to construction oversight and the handover of the new office,” says Michał Jaraczewski, Associate, Cushman & Wakefield, who supervised the project.

A special challenge in this project was an incredibly tight timeframe for delivery of the entire space built to a unique design.“We had only two months, a deadline we could not change. However, drawing also on the support of Ghelamco, the developer, we successfully delivered the office space as scheduled without compromising on the quality of the fit-out,” adds Michał Jaraczewski.

An exceptionally strong team is the key to success

Factors identified by Cushman & Wakefield as critical to the project’s success include the commitment of its staff, the designers of Massive Design and the engineering specialists of Roger Preston Polska, as well as the contribution by Oracle’s international team. Having extensive experience in opening and expanding its global offices, Oracle had its own stakeholders and various specialists engaged in the project.“The professionalism and expertise of the local team led by Katarzyna Zawadka were invaluable,” says Michał Jaraczewski, emphasising the outstanding attitude and dedication of Massive Design and Roger Preston Polska.“Thanks to our seamless cooperation the company moved into the new office before its leases in its previous locations expired.”

Some challenges were also caused by the epidemic. The construction timeframe was reduced from the planned four to two months. There was a risk of delayed deliveries of materials, equipment and furniture and of staff availability and ability to travel to the site. Covid-19 restrictions were an additional complication for Cushman & Wakefield, as safety and health protection measures had to be followed. This very complex project required swift coordination of many subcontractors and addressing multiple supply bottlenecks.

The end result, which can be seen in the photos, speaks for itself. “I’m very proud of this project, not only of its end result, but also of how it progressed. The professionalism and versatility of our partners were invaluable. It’s a pity it’s all over,” says Katarzyna Zawadka, Senior Facilities Manager, Oracle.

A functional and future-proofed office

The interior design developed by Massive Design is contemporary in form, but classical in expression. “The key task was to create an interior that would be as universal and open as to remain functional without any additional changes during a longer lease term,” says Maciej Sawiński, a designer at Massive Design.

There are places for individual and teamwork, work with concentration, brainstorming, work at a desk and on a settee or pouffes, as well as spaces where to do yoga, play billiards or a console game. All these zones are appropriately separated, both physically and acoustically. Social spaces play an important role, helping to bring together employees who previously worked in two separate offices.

Without the dedication of all the parties, it would have been impossible to ensure such a well-thought-out and functional space. “Thanks to our superb collaboration with the client and project manager, we created a future-proofed interior that will remain pleasing to the eye for a long time. After several months of intense cooperation, we delivered a unique space that will pave the way for new trends in design. Working with such a team was a pure pleasure,” says Konrad Dowejko, Design Director, Massive Design.


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