Trains on the revitalised line no. 210 – ahead of schedule

Trains on the revitalised line no. 210 – ahead of schedule

Residents of the West Pomeranian Voivodeship may rejoice at the fact that their travel time via the railway line no. 210 will be reduced. The section between Czaplinek and Złocieniec in the West Pomeranian Voivodeship has just been opened to traffic. Also, two new platforms have already been built. The NDI Group completed their works three months ahead of schedule, which is quite a stunt when it comes to railway investments.

The second stage of the works planned under the project entitled: “Revitalisation of railway line No. 210 on the Szczecinek – Runowo Pomorskie section” has already been underway. The Sopot-based NDI group accounts for both of them and the contractor implements them under the “Design and Build” formula.

– The scope of works covers the construction of five new platforms at the following passenger stops: Jelenino, Czarne Małe, Żelisławie Pomorskie, Suliszewo Drawskie and Wiewiecko. It is also planned under the project to replace a track surface of the railway line no. 210 along the track no. 1 between Czaplinek and Złocieniec (from kilometre 99.000 to kilometre 113.145). And it is also planned to strengthen the track bed, says Amelia Mizerska, Project Manager at NDI.

Our well-coordinated works made it possible to put the revitalised track no. 1 back into service prior to the Christmas Eve, although – as per the works schedule – it was not to happen until March 2021. The passenger platform no. 1 (Jelenino) and the platform no. 2 (Wiewiecko) have also already been built and put into service.

– The platforms are wider, longer and higher. As they are 0.55 m high now, passengers find it easier to get on and off the train. New bus shelters, benches, bicycle racks, timetable displays, energy-efficient lighting and easy-to-read signs have been installed, adds Amelia Mizerska, Project Manager at NDI. – The platforms have been adapted for specific needs of disabled persons. Their convex surface texture facilitates travelling by blind and visually impaired people and new ramps will make it possible to conveniently enter the platform by people with reduced mobility.

The other three platforms will also be arranged in a similar manner. All of them will fulfil the TSI INF and TSI PRM requirements.

Currently, works have been underway on the platform no. 2 in Czarne Małe. Then, works on the platform no. 2 in Żelisławie Pomorskie and the platform no. 2 in Suliszewo Drawskie are scheduled for the first half of 2021. The revitalisation of these tracks will improve passenger comfort and, most importantly, reduce travelling times and increase safety. On the Czaplinek – Złocieniec section trains will be able to speed up to 120 km/h. They currently cover this route at a maximum speed of 80 km/h.

The project is budgeted at nearly PLN 165 million and implemented with the aid of the European Union funds under the Regional Operational Programme for the West Pomeranian Voivodeship.

This is the second time that the NDI Group has performed works on the railway line no. 210. Under the previous project run from 2017 to 2019, it made the section between Szczecinek and Runowo Pomorskie. The project covered: over 70 km of track-based works, construction of 16 platforms, renovation of 25 culverts and construction of 4 new ones, renovation of a bridge and three flyovers, reconstruction of 51 railway and road crossings, as well as modernisation of the railway traffic control system including construction of a semi-automatic track blockade on five routes.


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