SEGRO – an environmentally conscious and socially responsible warehouse developer

The environmentally-friendly aspect of the developer’s offer is an increasingly important factor conducive to the customer’s decision to launch a business in a specific logistics park. SEGRO, the owner, manager and developer of warehouse space, for whom green development is an integral part of the strategy, is very aware of that. SEGRO’s strategy assumes implementing projects in the spirit of sustainable development.

On the warehouse market, an environmentally-friendly approach to both the construction and operation of facilities is no longer a fashion yet is becoming a standard. As for developers, it is crucial in connection with corporate social responsibility activities, and as for customers, it translates into savings during the use of the building and the creation of a friendly working environment.

Responsibility in the first place

“Responsible SEGRO” is the name of the developer’s program in the field of corporate social responsibility across the entire Group. It assumes that SEGRO projects will be created for the benefit of both customers and stakeholders, local communities and the natural environment. To this end, the company focuses on aspects such as reducing energy consumption, improving the materials used, and minimizing the use of natural resources. At the Group level, as part of the SEGRO 2020 program, the developer set itself the goal of reusing or recycling 80% of construction waste and 60% of excavation waste by 2020. This goal was achieved in 2014, i.e. six years before the declared date.

In the spotlight of LED

The most efficient and environmentally friendly type of lighting, which is LED, has been a standard in the interior of every newly emerging SEGRO development project for several years. LED lightning consumes over 30% less electricity. Compared to traditional luminaries, this technology provides five times longer lifetime, 50% greater efficiency, and much better quality of light delivered.Two years ago,the company completed the replacement of external lighting in all logistics parks throughout Poland. In total, more than 3,500 modern LED luminaries were installed over six months, replacing the existing lighting of façades, parking lots and streets. In addition to significant savings, the solution importantly increased the safety and comfort of work in the parks.

Honey business in the service to the natural environment

Progressive civilization development and industrialization contribute to a significant reduction of the bee population. In the interest of protecting biodiversity, SEGRO has decided to include apiaries in existing corporate social responsibility activities. This is the first warehouse developer in Poland that has built beehives in its logistics parks. Currently, they are located in SEGRO Logistics Park Warsaw (Pruszków), SEGRO Logistics Park Poznań (Gądki) and SEGRO Logistics Park Gliwice and they are inhabited by over half a million bees. The choice of these sites was influenced by the convenient location of the parks – the hives were placed relatively close to crops, because bees pollinate up to three-quarters of the main crop plants. Insects living in the apiaries within the parks can produce about 200 kg of honey annually.

Environmentally-friendly facilities recognized with certificates

The international BREAAM certification granted to warehouse buildings is a confirmation of the use of environmentally-friendly solutions and a big advantage in the developers’ offer. In the case of SEGRO, this certification applies to all new facilities assessed in the context of the natural environment, social environment and the economics of their operation. So far, the highest BREEAM EXCELLENT rating was given to a 24,000 sqm warehouse built for Tamda Foods, located in SEGRO Logistics Park Prague in the Czech Hostivice. In addition, among the few facilities that have been awarded the VERY GOOD rating in Poland, there are three that were completed by SEGRO: the Corning production and warehouse facility at SEGRO Logistics Park Stryków, the TESCO Distribution Center at SEGRO Logistics Park Poznań, Komorniki and the new part of the C building at the SEGRO Logistics Park Warsaw, Nadarzyn.


Waldemar Witczak, Regional Director of SEGRO

Waldemar Witczak is Regional Director of SEGRO for Warsaw, Central, Western and Northern Poland. He has over 20 years of professional experience in managing a team and a portfolio of construction investment projects.

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